Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Vendors

Fehr from Fehr's Ethnology.
I just thought I would take a moment to announce that we are now live at the d20pfsrd shop as well as Paizo, Rpgnow and Gumroad.

Our products can be found here:

Shopping at the d20pfsrd store helps keep their site up and running as well as allowing us to earn a larger cut of our own retail price.

Things at the printers:
- Purple Mountain III
- Items of Power and Ambition

Other Things in the Works:
- Purple Mountain IV, V, VI
- Fehr's Ethnology - Qatar
- Plots and Ploys
- Lands of Porphyra
- Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy
- Heroes of the Siwathi Desert
- More DCC

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