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Legendary VI: Legendary Armor

A follow up of sorts to Legendary IV: Legendary ShieldsLegendary VI: Legendary Armorpresents 15 different suits of magical armor that grow in power as your character does. Each suite of armoris different and unique – every type of character and player, from the powerful fighter to the stealthy rogue to the flamboyant and charismatic bard should find something within that makes his eyes grow wide with excitement! These suits of Legendary Armor are great items for PCs to find in a treasure hoard or perhaps even research and then seek out early in their career. The magical armor can then grow in power as the character does (as they learn more about their armor’s unique history, of course). Such Legendary Armor is certain to become a prized possession and an integral part of the character, which in turn can only strengthen and enriche the campaign! I approached writing Legendary Armor a little differently that I did Legendary Shields (although I was able to tie a Legendary Shield and Lege…

Alluria Publishing's Kickstarter

Early this week, Emily Kubisz launched a kickstarter to help get Alluria Publishing back on its feet (or fins) as it might be.

Alluria Publishing produced numerous high-quality products such as Remarkable Races, Creepy Creatures and their opus Cerulean Seas. All their products were solidly reviewed and one thing that could never be contested was the beauty of their art. The art costs on Cerulean Seas made it difficult from them to continue as a company as outlined on the Paizo forums.
   Purple Duck Games has enjoyed the material that Alluria Publishing has created and has chipped in on the kickstarter above. Several of our customers, I know love Alluria Publishing's work as well because as we prepared to write Monstrous Races 3 customers asked specifically for more options of some of Alluria Publishing's Remarkable Races.

Below is an excerpt from Monstrous Races 3 by Sam Hing that features the squole race that w…

Unconventional Design Tips

The general advice for upstarting developers seem to be to focus on mechanics, building fast a prototype, getting the core game fun and and so. For instance CliffyB did so at GDC 2012. This is not bad per se, but it is really not the only way to make games and usually, and this is the issue, result in the same kind of experiences. So to create a counterweight to this, I decided to make my own list of design advice. Here goes:

Build top-down
Find some core mechanic of controlling and interacting with the game, be that sidescrolling shooter, point and click or whatnot and then focus on the big picture. What feelings should game create, what is the theme, what kind of message should the game get across? This means creating an overarching structure for the game first, and then when you start designing the mechanics, levels, etc you make sure that it goes along with this. By doing so you can design games that try and convey things not possible over shorter time spans. It lets you control bui…

We are hiring: Script Programmer wanted!

Yet again we find ourselves in the need for adding a new member to our company. We are looking for a script programer with C++ syntax styled script language experience. We specifically use Angel Script, but experience with for example C#, UnrealScript, Javascript or other similar high level languages will do fine. The initial employment will be for a 6-8 months project, but can possibly be extended to an ongoing employment.

Your work with us will consist of writing the base implementation of the designed gameplay for each "level" in a game. This includes going over the design documentation, plan the basic needs and implement it, while keeping in mind that the script must be able to be easily improved, tweaked and added to. In addition you need to be creative and realize things missing/improvements that can be made to the script implementation. This can include going as far as having a completely new idea. It is also crucial to be able to imagine how the player might tackle e…

Memorable Townsfolk

David Nicholas Ross's next product for us is called Memorable Townsfolk. You may remember David from his work on Legendary V: Eastern and Exotic Weapons or on the Random Encounters Remastered series (I, II, III). David's text is in and has been through editing. Our writer has been paid and now we are just waiting for the final art to come in.

In the meantime, I thought I would post one of the NPCs along with the portrait created by Gary Dupuis for the character.

Janar the Swift Grudging Sheriff “Listen, friend: there will be no trouble here unless you make it. And if you make trouble, I promise you I will end it.”
Services:Janar keeps the party safe from lawbreakers and can provide assistance if they make him aware of their intention to bring down an important villain in his jurisdiction.
Boon: If he trusts them to judge when a task is important for the greater good of the area, Janar may loan the party up to one squad of four elven militiamen (1st-level warriors) to assist them fo…

New store front is now live!

You may need to refresh your browsers... You can click here to go to the new store.

All the best! Mark- DreamForge-Games

New Releases!

Purple Duck Games is pleased to announce the newest collaboration of Stefen Styrsky and Mark Gedak. A Score of Trapped Chestsprovides you with twenty chests and containers that possess mechanical, magical or monstrous aspects. This collection contains art by Carlos“Celurian” Torreblanco, Marc Radle and Michael Scotta.
On top of the twenty new traps there is also: - two new creatures the minimimic and the heat swarm - a new poison type (mindhammer) - a new spell - an aasimar cavalier and a new legendary weapon illustrated by Tamas Baranya
[---------------------------------------------------------------------------] In other awesome news we now have a way to sell directly to our customers through the gumroad service. All of our PDF products and our colour stock art lines are now available on the Grand OGL Wiki for purchase.

Pre-Orders available on March 12th! 10% off sale!!

It has been a week of html and CSS joy, as I pull together a new store front and fill it with products.
I still have a few products to add and some testing to do… I will push the site live and allow pre-orders on March 12th, the sale and pre-orders will run through St. Patrick’s Day March 17.
I have about 200 Sturmtruppen and 100 Kriegsmarine on hand, so I will begin shipping some or all of the pre-orders on March 20th with the rest to be shipped (hopefully) within ten to fifteen days depending on the volume of orders.
So much still to do, so it’s back to work for me.

All the best! Mark-

Hidden in PRAIN SIGHT -- Ninja Party!

How cool is this?!

This is why I don't paint...

David Woods over at DWARTIST'S did a speed paint on a Strumtruppen that is better than I can do if given two weeks time.

Hats off to you sir!

I don’t care; it’s still YOUR fault!

Here are the finals for the heavy weapons squad, created with feedback by…. Wait for it… YOU.

Changes from the originals: Widened stance on one of the leg sets.
Ankle armor to better ground the mini.
The power weapons are now held with both arms and across the body.
Light AT gunner and quad gunner now lean into the recoil for a more dramatic pose.

With the exception of the power weapons and the ankle armor, not many changes here, just some tweaks and fine tuning.
So the question is, when do I start the Kickstarter? ….. Not quite yet, but soon. I have a surprise for you that I’m working on right now and it (they) will be part of the Kickstarter. I work pretty quick so you should not have long to wait.

Until then, enjoy the pics!