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Out Now!

AL 3: Through the Cotillion of Hours [DCC] by Daniel J. Bishop has finally arrived in a printed format. The proofs look good so I have uploaded it for sale at Rpgnow, Paizo and Gumroad.

Its about 15 pages in length (20 for the printed versions), and retails for $3.50 in PDF and $7.50 in print. Pick up your copy today.

In the Pathfinder compatible product realm we are working on getting this ready for print.

A little tease

Here are a couple of screen grabs from a Skype conversation today. The picture quality is moderate but should give you an idea of the details they were able to capture. Wai Kee will be sending me a set of legs and I will get you some clearer shots once I have them in my grubby little hands ;)

Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

Ada is near completion, just some hair details to add.
Enjoy! Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

The rifle is a magnetic linear accelerator, the smooth barrel housing contains coils that are charged by the chambered round. In game terms it’s a ‘Capacitor Rifle’ each shell is a highly charged capacitor with a ballistic tip coated in Nano fibers. The capacitor charge powers up the coils in the barrel and accelerates the projectile much faster than conventional solid or liquid combustibles. It will punch a small hole through very thick armor. A nasty rifle with a big kick, the Valkir use a similar weapon but they ware power armor and have considerably more mass to deal with the recoil. Ada has learned how to lean into the shot and lock her body into position. When the round is discharged she will remain standing but is driven back a foot or two. Tough little gal :)

(update) Added some barrel details.

Roughing in Ada

Here you can see Ada as a WIP, she looks a little thick but trust me, when she is made into a real world object she will appear trimmer. It’s just one of those things about the translation from CAD to a physical model, what looks right on the screen will look too thin when you have it in your hands.

I have tried not to make the model too effeminate, no chainmail bikinis here, these are soldiers! I tweaked the profile, the hips are wider, the feet are smaller the shoulders more narrow and she is slightly smaller overall when compared to the male stormtroopers.
I will post more later as she nears completion.

Kickstarter Survey

Yesterday was a day of prepping files, making punch lists and phone calls :)
I don’t have a specific day that the survey will go out but we are looking towards the end of this week, WGF is still working on the coding and looking over the best way to deal with additional pledge amounts if needed.
We will try to have a custom account for each backer that uses either/both your name and or you email to sign into the pledge manager. Your pledge amount will auto fill and if you go over what has already been paid, it will open an option to submit the remaining amount through a PayPal account that WGF is setting up. I have a PayPal account but I would prefer not to use it as WGF will need continual access to the account to verify the revised pledges against what they will have in a database. The pledge manager will remain open and available for a few weeks; we will need to close it down before the items are scheduled to leave China. This will likely be late October (I will update when I have …

Girl power! Female Stormtroopers are a go!

That was a close one....Congrats!

New strettch goal! Ada needs a squad!


Zeus - APC conversion kit

Here is a sneak peek at a work in progress, the Zeus APC conversion kit to turn your troop mover into a tank hunter
This kit will include 3 crew, a loader, a gunner and spotter. As well as in interior detail pack that will replace the crew compartment with ammo storage and crates.

Two stretch goals down and less than 24hrs left!

The Stuka Zu Fuss will now be a plastic model kit and for the backers of this Kickstarter, the exclusive character miniature ‘Ada’ will be a plastic miniature.

I am very grateful to be part of such supportive community.
I have seen many acts of support and kindness, not just from my backers but from people who were complete strangers and stepped up to lend a hand or offer support.
Truly I am humbled.
Thank you! Mark Mondragon

AL 3 - Through the Cotillion of Hours

AL 3: Through the Cotillion of Hours is done.
Files have been approved by Mr. Goodman. It is ready for launch... almost.
We are working to have this release available in Print-On-Demand format and we have hit a couple of snags. My hope is that they will get worked out this weekend and I can order a proof. If things go well, we should have it up on virtual shelves before the end of the month and anyone who wants it in Print and PDF will be able to get it through Rpgnow.
We could release it in PDF now and get the print up afterward but I think the people who wish to have both formats would prefer to have it all together.

Kickstarter, FREE exclusive item "Ada"

I just wanted to add something unplanned as way to say thank you to all the backers for their support, it is very much appreciated!

Ada is a tank hunter by trade… She uses a MLA rifle to take down the heavy targets. Considering this rifle is primarily used by power armored troopers, it’s quite a feat.

DreamForge Kickstart is coming to a close

We have introduced over 30 individual plastic model kits! But we are not done yet!
The current product line consist of a fully outfitted Stormtrooper infantry section, a range of power armored troops , two Leviathan variants in 15mm and 28mm scale with a host of optional weapons, and a APC to get your troops to the front in style.

If you wanted to back one of our amazing plastic models or miniatures, NOW is the time!

Stuka Zu Fuss (APC Upgrade)

Sneak peek at the next stretch goal ;)

WIP: The details of the model still will need to be worked out but this should give you a good idea.

Last few days of the Kickstarter!

At 11:45 US Pacific time, the Kickstarter will come to a close.
This Kickstarter has grown into a fairly complicated beast… you have my apologies.
As time went on we had many customer requests to add specific items. If it was within my means to do so, I have offered these items as part of this Kickstarter. Although the Eisenkern faction will now have a fairly complete product line, it has not made the layout very easy to understand. The best way to wrap you mind around the extensive offer is to use the online calculator as your guide.
Still not backing this project or confused by the number of items offered? The calculator is your friend! It will auto fill the free items that have been offered throughout the Kickstarter campaing and get you on your way to receiving some great plastic model kits.
Not sure where to drop your pledge?
Pledging for multiple items?
Drop it in the –CATCH ALL PLEDGE- box, just be sure to enter the …

A new stretch goal is within reach!

Based on overwhelming success to date, I am pleased to announce a major new kit - the Eisenkern APC..
APC size: 2.25" high 3.25" wide and 7.25" long

This APC was designed to seat 10 troopers plus 2 crew

At $145k every APC will recieve a full crew compliment of 10 seated troopers!

Heavy Trooper Assault Squad unlocked!

And yet another goal bites the dust!

All the power armor troops are now ready to go!

G is for Gillmen

Gillmen are the descendants of a humanoid race that was saved/experimented on by aboleths or other dark forces. According to the Advanced Race Guide, gillmen possess the following racial characteristics.

Gillmen Racial Characteristics

+2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, –2 Wisdom: Gillmen are vigorous and beautiful, but their domination by the aboleths has made them weak-willed. Medium: Gillmen are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size. Aquatic: Gillmen are humanoids with the aquatic subtype. Normal Speed: Gillmen have a base speed of 30 feet on land. As aquatic creatures, they also have a swim speed of 30 feet, can move in water without making Swim checks, and always treat Swim as a class skill. Amphibious: Gillmen have the aquatic subtype, but can breathe both water and air. Enchantment Resistance: Gillmen gain a +2 racial saving throw bonus against non-aboleth enchantment spells and effects, but take a –2 penalty on such saving throws against aboleth sources. Water …

Heavy Support Squad unlocked!

Shocking news! The world continues to spin and change while I sleep :- P
Last night we broke $115k and opened up the Heavy Support Troopers!

If you blink you’re going to miss something ;)

Wow! You turn away for a short time and BANG! Now available:
Stormtrooper Command Squad
Valkir Heavy Troopers 15mm Scale Mortis
All weapons for the 15mm scale Leviathans….

Next up:
$115k Heavy Trooper Support Weapons Set
$120k Heavy Trooper Assault Squad

Valkir Heavy troopers now a reality!

Another stretch goal down!
The Stormtrooper command squads are now available!
We also open up the Valkir Heavy Troopers! A core troop choice for the power armor sets. Still a work in progress, each box will contain 20 heavy troopers with 20 heavy rifles, 5 heavy grenadiers and 5 heavy flamers with enough ammo packs and accessories to load out your 20 man squad for the fight!
This core set will provide many new leg poses and thee main weapon options. The goal of this set is to provide the same flexibility you find in the core Stormtrooper box set for your power armored troops. If you like the designs and trust my design sense then I know you will be thrilled by the final box set.
We also have two more stretch goals available for the heavy troopers, the Support Weapons Squad and the Assault Squad!

You can see more here
 Project update video #1
A great project summary video

Amnesia - Two Years Later

It has now passed a little more than two years since we launched Amnesia and one year since the last report, so time for another! One would think that there is perhaps not much to be said this long after release, especially for a single player game with no built-in social features. But the fact is that Amnesia is still going very strong and 2012 will probably be the best financial year here at Frictional Games, which we would never had expected two years ago.

As always, let's start with the sales and some numbers. The first thing will be to figure out how many units we have sold in total, which is actually really hard to pin down. The biggest reasons for the uncertainty is that Amnesia was part of the Humble Indie Bundle (HIB) earlier this year and Potato Bundle last year. Both of these account for quite a lot of sales. Without counting the units bought there our total lands at 710 000 units. Adding all HIB and Potato Sack sales gets us to 1 360 000 units in total,…


I am back to work and obviously my schedule has been thrown out of whack lately. In the futures updates are going to follow the following pattern.

Monday - new entry on
Tuesday - more Porphyra/Pathfinder work on this site.
Wednesday - new comic review on
Thursday - new entry on
Friday - more DCC or Icons work on this site.

That is the plan. Let's see how long I can do this without driving myself crazy.

Donations Accepted!

Hello Hidden in Plain Sight fans!

I didn't make Hidden in Plain Sight to get rich.  I made it because I thought it sounded like a fun game.  And I've gotten a lot of rewarding feedback that people really seem to like the game.

My goal is to have as many people play the game as possible.  That's why I've set the price as low as possible.

That said, if you like the game, I think you should have the opportunity to pay me what you think it's worth.  I'm sure you'd gladly pay $10 to see a two hour movie.  Or $5 on a snack or coffee.  So if you play this game for an hour and have some laughs with your friends or family, shouldn't that be worth a buck or two?

Click the big button below to pay me for my time.  You don't need a PayPal account and can use a credit card!

Please note that you are NOT ACTUALLY BUYING ANYTHING when you click the button.  You are simply giving me money because you think the game is worth it.

Take my Money!Standard price $5.00 USDIt'…

$100k stretch goal reached!

Free left hand Vulkan Cannons for all 28mm Leviathan backers! Both Mortis and Crusader!

Congrats all!

Ohiohammer Podcast

I just found a podcast from Ohiohammer, completely unsolicited coverage, so it was a fluke find for me. They had some very nice things to say about the Leviathan they viewed at Gencon and about the Kickstarter.

go check it out.

The Leviathan Mortis is now a plastic model kit!

The Mortis joins its brother as a plastic model kit! Another stretch goal down!

Note on Kickstarter project:
You can pledge for one or more Mortis (Morti?) or you can mix and match between the Mortis and Crusader and retain multi-unit pricing. When the project closes we will send out a survey, just tell us how many of each Mortis or Crusader you wanted!

Tech Feature: HDR Lighting

IntroductionHello my name is Peter and I’m the new graphics and engine programmer. New is not really the correct word since I have been working at Frictional for a year now. During this time I have updated the engine and added a lot of new graphic features. This will be the first of my blog posts descripting the changes that have been made.

One of the biggest changes to the the new engine is the introduction of HDR (High Dynamic Range) Lighting. This is a technique to increase the detail of the lighting system. The benefit of using HDR is that bright things can be really bright, dark things can be really dark, and details can be seen in both.

In nature there is no limit to how bright something can be. The difference between a 60 W light bulb and sunshine hitting the earth is around 10 000 luminance (cd/m^2). This means that we need a way to store high intensity values while keeping the quality and precision of the dark areas. Thankfully there already exists a method for storing such …