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Khurasan Ogre Beetle

JRachel over at TMP just posted some pics of his fantastic paint job of the Ogre Beetle I made for Khurasan. Shown here with the Cafferata. APC on the left and the Colonial Crawler designed by the very talented JBR on the right. Thats one big bug!

Experience and Live - Not Compete and Beat

What follows are some thoughts on where I want videogames to evolve. At the same time it is also a sort of explanation of the core design goals for Frictional Games. It is not meant to describe how to do things, instead it as attempt to describe how we want our videogame experiences to be like.

When reading a good book, I get drawn into its world and feel part of the events that unfold. Yet the happenings are just figments of my imagination. There is a one way feed of information and I have no choice of where to focus; the writer is my guide and points out details to explore and choses what path to take. Still I feel immersed in the environments and close to the characters, evoking powerful emotions inside me. To be part of this journey through engrossing and enriching worlds is one of the major enjoyments for me when reading books. When a piece of fiction really hooks me, it is an awesome experience and I truly feel like I am inside the fictional world.

Still, I am not there, the envir…

Penumbra: Overture goes Open Source!

It has been in our minds for quite some time and now finally it has become reality: Penumbra:Overture and the HPL1 Engine are now open source! In case that is all you need to know, then head straight to:
to get your hands on it!

For more information just keep on reading.

Penumbra: Overture
First of all I would like to stress the fact that this open source release does not make Penumbra: Overture free in anyway. All assets (except a few that are part of the engine) are still under the same copyright as before. The thing that is free is the source code for the executable which is now released under the GPL version 3 licence.

The code for Penumbra: Overture is a continuation of the one used for the tech demo + some addition for the not so long lived Robo Hatch project. It also contains some code from Unbirth, giving it quite some history. This history means that the code is far from clean and as expected quite hackish in places. That said, it should have a fe…

2000 Pre-orders reached!

Thanks to all of those who pre-ordered Amnesia: The Dark Descent during the discount and an extra big thanks to those who ordered it before! It now seems like we are forced to record some commentary for the release, which we hope will be enjoyable.

Also note that the 50% discount will continue until tonight (11th) 0:00 west coast USA. So all of you who have not gotten it yet, still have some time. But you need to hurry up!

In case you are wondering about the Penumbra: Collection 75% discount: it will continue for as long as the Humble Indie Bundle is available.

Finally, for those who are wondering when this blog will have some more design/production/horror related content again, I promise that will come soon! There are stuff in the works and we just need to have some time off from normal game development to get it done.

Again, thanks to all who have supported us!

Intermission: Queue the elevator music

Clean up of the Leviathan print is going well. While you wait and for your viewing pleasure... a few renders of a tank I made back in 2004. It will need some updating but I will get it back into production.

Insane Amnesia Discount!

Since the Humble Indie Bundle has put us in such a good mood, we now would like to offer Amnesia: The Dark Descent pre-orders at a whooping50% discount. That is a total of only 10$/ ≈€8 / ≈£7!

Take note that this will only last until 11th of May, so hurry up! This will probably be the cheapest way to get your hands on Amnesia this year!

As always, please spread the word and help us reach that extra-content-milestone of 2000 pre-orders.

Khurasan: M5A3EPS Siler Main Battle Tank

Jon just posted up a preview on TMP .This will be the last bit of commission work from me until I have the Leviathan's in production. Jon says he still has a few more projects for me up his sleeve.

Jon's post:
The M5A3EPS Siler Main Battle Tank remains in service with some front-line Federal Marine divisions, and supplies the principal heavy-armour asset to the Marine Reserve Divisions and Federal Army Independent Heavy Tank Battalions, and to the Freehold military establishments as well. Over 50 years old, this venerable weapons system is older than most of its crewmen, but remains a formidable foe.
The tank mounts the M161 "Vulcan Cannon," a superheavy plasma cannon with an in-barrel plasma relay port. For missile defense and close-in protection against enemy personnel, it also mounts two M181 "Cohort" auto-track gatling guns.
Although it's been phased out of service in approximately 2/3rds of active service Federal Marine divisions in favour of the L-H…

Humble Indie Bundle

Just wanted to announce that Penumbra: Overture is now available in the Humble Indie Bundle together with the games World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish and Lugaru HD. The price for the bundle is what ever you feel like and part of it will also go to charity! This video should explain things nicely:

Go here to get it:

Also, everybody who buys the bundle will be able to buy the rest of the Penumbra series at a 75% discount ($5 that is)!

I think this is a pretty good offer and also an opportunity to do some good :) If you think likewise please spread the word! Remember, it will only last for 7 days!

Please Note: The 75% discount ends the same day that the Bundle ends!