SoulJar Meeting 9/20/13

Just got off the phone with the SoulJar Team (Team SoulJar?!) for our weekly conference call. Previously, we'd only done these things bi-weekly, mostly because we don't really like talking to each other. But as things have begun to progress, we've had to move them to weekly. We discussed a lot of things.

1) We finalized our GenCon '14 plans. We already have rooms, and we're working to secure booth space. We decided on a plan of action and allocated a budget for a booth. I still have one last meeting before I can say categorically that we're going in an official capacity (as opposed to just wandering around). But we're one step closer to attending the con. I hope Indianapolis lays in a sufficient supply of gin.

2) We're working on a plan for the re-release of the Cairn Bicycle-brand Playing Card Kickstarter. It's going to be dialed up to 11, because that's why they put an 11 on the dial. Alyssa is working on that, and we have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday to vote on her plan. (Like I said, we vote on everything.)

3) We discovered Alyssa can't pronounce "yahoo" or "jaguar."

4) We shuffled some things around on our production schedule. To be completely honest, we can't sit around waiting for me to be finished with the Cairn RPG when we have a slate of games ready to publish. Yes. We have other games ready to go. This particular game is done. Rules written. Board designed. Playtested. Here's an image of our next release:

This is a tile from the playtest. I know it doesn't look very exciting now, but when you have one of the industry's foremost map makers on staff you can bet this thing will pop! There'll be skulls and puddles of ooze and other detritus strewn all about.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the game, game play, and the Kickstarter!


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