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Legendary VII: More Legendary Items

In PDF and Print-on-Demand We have all heard tales of the heroic young adventurer who dons magical armor from  times long forgotten. That adventurer grows in power and acclaim alongside the magical armor until both reach their true potential.
Within this product you will find 15 legendary items that will grow in power alongside your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game character. Traditionally legendary wondrous items have only have five levels of advancement but for the first time we have now included ten levels of advancement for six of the include 15 items.
The wondrous items that have become legendary with this release include: Broom of Flying (Broom of the Trollmire Coven)Knight's Pennon (Crusade's Banner)Crystal Ball (Eye of Paletius)Efficient Quiver (Favor of Kalashi)Font of Blessing (Decanter of Endless Water)Giald's Boots (Boots of the Winterlands)Hat of Tricks (Bag of Tricks)Iron Crochan (Cauldron of Resurrection)Mechanism of Torl (Apparatus of the Crab)Orphan's Rise (Boo…

Hidden in Plain Sight for Windows

I have successfully created a version of Hidden in Plain Sight for Windows.  It is still multiplayer ONLY, and it still REQUIRES Xbox-compatible gamepads for all players!

It is for sale on Indievania in a "pay what you want" model.  You can even get it for free.

I'm also working on getting it on IndieCity.

I don't expect many people to want the Windows version of this game.  It's always been a couch-and-TV kind of game, but maybe you have a computer or laptop that you can hook up to your TV.

But if this is something that you're interested in, hey, have a free copy.  Hope it works out for you!

I found the best way to play is by importing the shortcut to Hidden in Plain Sight into Steam ("Add a non-Steam game to your library").  Then opt-into the Steam "Big Picture Mode" beta.

But don't believe me... observe this commercial:

We are opening up the Kickstarter pledge manager to new customers.

For customers that missed the Kickstarter or were unable to pledges due to the credit card restrictions of Amazon Payments, we are opening up the pledge manager to accept new backers.
We are accepting two payment formats, each has specific instructions below. Please note: The pledge manager will not be available after November 1st.

-Please be aware- If you were a backer of the original Kickstarter DO NOT USE THIS! Your account will not show the amount that you have already paid and you will end up double paying. If you have not received the email, please contact Wargames Factory and ask them to re-send.

For new backers that will be paying via credit card:
1)Follow this link
2)In the upper right corner, use the link “Create new account”
3)Fill in the pledge with the items you wish to receive and finalize your payment with your credit card

For new backers that wish to pay via PayPal:
1)Follow this link
2)In the upper right corner, use the link “Create new account”
3)Fill in the pledge with the i…

Languages of Porphyra

This list and attached descriptions details the languages of Porphyra, both native and part of the Landing.  If a dialect is deemed different enough by the GM, a DC 10 Linguistics check should be required to be able to understand the language by a speaker of the parent tongue.
Prevalent Common- the language of the Landed humans, spread as a lingua franca throughout Porphyra in the milennia since the Calling. Elven- The ancient forest people have several different dialects of their language, due to Landed elves coming from other dimensions; a DC 8 Linguistics check is needed to understand one from the other.  Different dialects hold sway in The World Tree, Iluriel, and Meynon. Giant- An economical, direct language evolved from the elemental tongues, the language of Giants (called Artaganar in that tongue) is spoken by many races associated with these huge beings, such as ogres, trolls, cyclopes and ettins. Goblin- The language of the goblinoid races, including bugbears, goblins and hobgobli…

It's OVER 5000!

I just checked all-time sales, and I'm up over 5100 now, thanks to that serious bump in the last few days from the SourceFed video.
The bottom sales graph is really weird to me.  I can pick out various events that caused little bumps, which is cool.
Initial release Indie Pitch article in December Reddit review in late January Chez Marcus in July (look at all those French sales!) SourceFed in October

SourceFed Coverage

A video with 100K views with a cute young lady talking about how awesome your game is?

Yeah, I'll take that.

The day after this video was posted, I got about 275 sales.

I love at the end of the video when she says "Hidden in Plain Sight was just ONE GUY, and that's awesome!"

That's me!

Fehr's Ethnology: Zendiqi

Fehr's Ehtnology: Zendiqi profiles the zendiqi race for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The zendiqi are pureblooded descendants of aboriginal Porphyrans, who were the human norm on Porphyra at the time of The Calling. They venerated elemental lords and opposed the coming of the gods, fighting against them and their devotees in the NewGod Wars. Utterly defeated, the zendiqi retreated to their ancestral home in the harsh deserts, rejecting the outside world and dreaming of vengeance against the muhartik, or god-worshipping interlopers. They are fully human, treated in every way as normal humans, and can interbreed as humans do. Their mystical world revolves around The Four, as they refer to the banished elemental lords, and they see an overlap and an intertwining of mystical and practical life.
This release includes: - ecology of zendiqi - racial characteristics for zendiqi characters (including alternate racial characteristics) - a selection of racial feats - traits for the zendiqi race…

Hidden in Plain Sight vs. Spy Party

“Did you rip-off Spy Party? Looks like it.”

I just got this comment on my YouTube video preview for “Hidden in Plain Sight”.

This is not the first time I've heard this comment, so I thought I'd take some time to officially address this.

First, it’s no secret that Hidden in Plain Sight was inspired by my discovery Spy Party.  I first read about Spy Party probably close to two years ago, and I thought the idea sounded fascinating.  I've been following along with its progress since then.

Shortly after reading about Spy Party, I wondered if it needed to be a complicated 3D game.  I wondered if the main essence of the game could be created in a simplified 2D format.  I actually created a little prototype called SpyParty2D.  Now THAT was a ripoff of Spy Party.  It was a two-person networked game where one person was the spy trying to open boxes, and the other person was the sniper, trying to find and shoot the spy.

I only showed that prototype to a handful of people (including Monaco…

IndieCade Wrapup…

Friday morning was pretty quiet.I got to the place where my game would be shown.It was in a big garage at a fire station with a bunch of other games.Some of them were on laptops, some on TVs, some were physical games where your body was the controller.It was a great space.
I had a computer with my game on it, and a TV which would be the monitor, but no cable to go in between.There were two hours to get everything set up, and then was “VIP/Media Walkthrough” time.So I was starting to get a little stressed out when we couldn’t find any cables anywhere to actually connect the computer to the TV.But eventually someone found an HDMI cable in their car, and all was well.
I don’t remember much of the Friday afternoon walkthrough.I do remember that John Romero (cofounder of iD software, creator of Wolf3D, Doom, and Quake, etc) played briefly and laughed a lot.That was cool to see.After showing the game for a while, there was a tent set up with tacos and beer.I didn’t really know anyone, so I en…

Humble beginnings of the HPL Engine

I recently stumbled upon some really old videos with gameplay tests in the HPL engine and decided they would be fun to show off. This was not our first foray into 3D first person horror (Unbirth was), but it was the first time the the HPL engine was used. All of these are gameplay videos are from a student project then know as "The Hatch" and later became the "Penumbra Tech Demo".

6th of December 2005 - First Gameplay Test
I had now been working on the engine from scratch since late July, so a little more than 5 months. It is fun to see that most of the important interaction features are in at this point. The sound system for the physics is actually pretty much the same we have used until Amnesia. Jens is the one who recorded this.

7th of February 2006 - Improved Gameplay Test
The engine is now a little bit more refined, mainly with interaction and speed I think. I think that the portal visibility system got added during this time (I actually remember that I came up wi…

IndieCade Awards

So the evening went well...  I showed up to the event and got checked in and was placed in a line with other nominees.  At the front of the line was BRIGHT lights and cameras and microphones.  Pretty scary.  Chatted with the girl behind me who was alone and also looked scared, so we were scared together.  Then saw that Kellee Santiago was standing next to me.  She's the CEO of the company that made the Journey game (beautiful desert game with hooded guy jumping around that I played recently), as well as some other big names.  She also knows Andy, and has tweeted nice things about my game (and is also chairperson of the jury).  So I said hi to her and chatted for a bit.

Then I got to the front of the line and got asked some questions about my game which I don't remember and totally was awkward and nervous.  I seriously have no idea what I said, and I'm glad I didn't win 'cause the footage was unusably bad.  :)

Then I got inside and there was loud music and a crowded c…

So this just happened...


Hiring: Level Designer Wanted

Frictional Games, the creators of Amnesia and Penumbra series, seeks a Level Designer for a new game project. Taking what we learned from our previous games we aim to take horror and interactive story-telling to the next level. We are looking for a talented individual to help us design and implement this vision.
Main Responsibilities: To take creative decisions on how puzzles, events, layout are to be designed.Through scripting implement gameplay in a level.To place sounds, tweak lighting and similar things to create atmosphere.Communicate with writers and artists on how to achieve the goals of a level.Provide feedback on design suggestions and implemented gameplay.
Work conditions: The job will be carried out on a distance so you need to be able to work from home. This means you must have a fast internet connection, strong work moral and live in a timezone near the Swedish one (which is GMT+1). If you are not living in Sweden, you must also be able to invoice (or at least be willing to s…