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And now a word from or sponsor...

FAUX NEWS REPORT.... This just in.
National Guard forces were defeated today in an all-out assault on Ogden Utah; this could very well be the end of life as we know it.... And now a word from our sponsor- Blammo! It's better than bad, it’s good! The shipment has arrived at WGF Utah and will begin shipping in bulk on Monday. This process could take anywhere from seven to fourteen days depending on how many of you opted to wait on your shipping. WGF are bringing in extra staff to deal with the project and expedite the process. Kickstarter backers will start receiving your shipping confirmations next week. Retail sales will commence once all backers orders have been shipped.

Some amazing conversion work on the OOP resin kit

Holy Buh-Jezus! Take a look at what Warchild40k did with one of the limited edition 15mm scale resin kits.

 Keep in mind this was a solid block of resin, that is a hell of a lot of work. I just love the use of the votive candle lights to make the stacks flicker. Very creative!



Just a bit of eye candy.

I was working on box art for the Mortis and thought I would render out this amusing scene ;)

The Mortis braces itself on a nearby building while using its scythe arm to provide further stability and commences to  administer a good old fashioned curb stomp. Repeatedly smashing the light mech into the broken pavement.

The commander of the light mech must have really pissed off the pilot of the Mortis to provoke such a brutal response.

BREAKING NEWS- Eisenkern forces invade Los Angeles!

On Monday, January 21st. Roughly 65,000 Eisenkern troopers supported by a legion of over 1200 Leviathans landed on US soil. Los Angeles California was rocked by an unstoppable wave of destruction.  In related news, a fleet of transport ships have taken up position over Utah and appear to be waiting for the armored spearhead. What do they want? Why are they here? The only transmission sent by this invading force: “We are the Eisenkern, we have come in peace”.
Cutting a clear path North East, at their current pace and trajectory they are anticipated to reach Utah and link up with their transports sometime next week. The only thing clear to us is that Utah is not their final destination….

A coded message has been sent to key personnel (Update# 86) with further instructions.

Promo shots from Battle:LA copyright Sony Pictures.

Update #86

The cargo container has arrived at the Port of LA and will be making its trip to WGF Utah as we speak.

At this time I would like to make a couple of suggestio…

Goals and Storytelling

Let's talk about goals in storytelling games. Not really the far-reaching "save the princess" or "kill the evil dude" kind of goals, but the local and moment-to-moment goals that face a player throughout the experience. I have sort of touched upon this in the scene-approach to high level story telling story design post, but want to discuss it a bit further. I think this is another major reason why there still a need for either violence or puzzles to drive the story forward. The reason being that the player does not know what they should be doing otherwise.

In a non-interactive story the characters can behave in certain way because it works for the narrative. They think about the things that are relevant to the story being told, and perform actions that have interesting outcomes. In an interactive work, it just does not work like this. In order to control outcomes, the player would basically  have to know the future of any action, something that is neither possib…

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming to be acquired by Purple Duck Games

For Immediate Release
4 Winds Fantasy Gaming’s owner/publisher, Robert Thomson, announced today that 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming will be acquired by Purple Duck Games. The acquisition includes rights to all existing 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming products and over a dozen “in-the-works” projects (including the two successful crowdfunded projects), along with the rights to all names, logos, trademarks, and original artwork contained in the products.
“My wife Connie and I started 4 Winds in March 2009, and it’s been a fun, wild ride. But the time is right for us to divest ourselves of the company and move on to other things,” said Thomson. In the nearly four years of 4 Winds existence, the company released 48 different products, including several apps.
Mark Gedak, owner/publisher of Purple Duck Games stated that Purple Duck intends to keep the 4 Winds brand alive, and that all existing 4 Winds products will remain available for now. Any 4 Winds “in-the-works” projects that Purple Duck chooses to finish…

To hell with your fluff!

To hell with your fluff, tell me a story with your miniatures.
Let’s face it, fluff is huge part of the draw to a game and should not be underestimated; when it comes time to play a game, what is more important the fluff or the visually striking miniatures that grace the gaming table.
There is only so much you can do with a base box set of miniatures before they start looking homogeneous. I love making special characters, miniatures that represent a scene or action, miniatures that tell a story through their pose or actions. With this in mind I created the Stormtrooper accessory set. This kit contains a massive number of parts, packs, pouches, accessories, heads, arms, hands and equipment so that you can tell your personal story and unlock your creative genius.

Here are just a few examples of what can be done. Granted I will not win any modeling or hobby awards with what is featured here, my lack of cleanup and exuberant use of glue keep these from being show pieces, but this shows wh…

First wave release instructions peek

The first stage items will be landing in the US soon. While I work away on the stage three items, I thought I would post up the instruction inserts so you can begin your mental build ;)

Do to time limitations we did not get some of the inserts in the box before they made the sea voyage, the poor folks at WGF Utah will be folding and inserting these into the Stormtrooper sets.
Cheers! Mark


I want to be very clear, Purple Duck Games has not created a kickstarter to fund any of our products but we certainly get drawn in by many kickstarter campaigns from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming's Exploding Aces to Reaper's Bones Kickstarter. Two kickstarters that we are really interested in now for our own personal benefit are the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter and Legendary Realms Kickstarter.

Pathfinder Online is a fantasy sandbox MMO by Goblinworks based on the Pathfinder tabletop game. It uses a unique process called "Crowdforging" to determine what features are implemented in the game, in what order.

Even if you are not a MMO player there are lots of excellent rewards attached to this kickstarter like the Emerald Spire Megadungeon for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (currently this is set to be 6-levels deep, but when the product is funded there should be 10 levels at a minimum).

Then there are Pathfinder Battles Minatures and my favourite the Crowdforger PDF Superpack

First shipment heading to WFG Utah!

Just a heads up, the shipment left China last week (Dec 29th) to start its sea voyage, so we are still on track for it landing in Utah the last week of January.

We filled a 40 foot container just for the KS backs ;) there was another shipment that left shortly after for the retailers stock.

Fingers crossed, this will be a common occurrence :-P