Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Purple Mountain Subscription

The Purple Mountain Subscription

The Purple Mountain series is designed to be a classic mega-dungeon. You know the kind...

It doesn't have a grand plot or even a consistent theme level to level. Instead, it has pathways to the subterranean realms, prisons for demons, ancient ruins, lost civilizations, legendary weapons, mysterious magic, mines, slave pits, elemental nodes, water-filled passages, mazes, trick doors, traps, haunted levels, classic monsters (ropers, trapper, mimics, otyughs [especially otyughs], owlbears), dragons, monsters too big to have ever fit down those hallways, and artifacts!

A classic mega-dungeon with everything wrong and right about it!

What you get for this subscription:
- Access to all 20 PDF issues of Purple Mountain for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game as they come out.
- Free copies of fourother PDF products in our current orfuture catalog.
- If, I decide to port this product to another game system you will receive those versions of the adventure as well.
- If, I decided to take Purple Mountain to print you will have the ability to get a copy of each level at cost or very close to cost.
- Currently there are two issues of this megadungeon available.

- There is no current timeline for the completion of this 20-part product.  We have several levels in development and several more be worked on but I cannot predict a specific end date.
- This subscription is only available through gumroad.
- You must make email contact with me so that I can fulfill the contract with you.

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