May Projects

Boy there have been a lot of things going on in May for Purple Duck Games.

1) Pinterest
I've created a pinterest board to collect all the art I've commissioned for various projects. You can find the boards here sorted by the artist's name. Some of these pieces I have rights for to put on sale as stock art and some I do not. The ones that are available as stock art will eventually all have gumroad links attached to them for ease of shopping and you will eventually be able to find them at Rpgnow as well.

I have no stock art rights for anything by Tamas Baranya, John Hazen, Jennifer Taylor or Kristian Richards.

2) Pathfinder
We released several products to support the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game including Memorable Townsfolk and Purple Mountain II: Ruins of the Dwarven Delve both by David Nicholas Ross, Monstrous Races: The Third Party by Sam Hing, and Fehr's Ethnology: Erkunae and Dhosari by Perry Fehr.

3) 4C System
Recently Daniel Perez of Highmoon Games transferred the Heroic Moments series of short super hero supplements to Purple Duck Games. Way, way, way back in 2008, I worked with Daniel quite a bit and launched this line under the Highmoon Games banner. It is nice to have the original six Heroic Moments under the Purple Duck Games banner and we even launched our 1st issue of the second volume of this series by Stefen Styrsky this month. I hope to have another issue out before the end of the month as well.

4) Stock Art
Our stock options continued to expand this month with more pieces by Gary Dupuis such as the stirge swarm, and a number of portraits. We started hosting stock art that Ryan Rhodes did for use for Monstrous Races as well such as the raptor monk and mahrog druid.
   We have a lot of more stock art to get up but I need to trickle it out over time to allow products to have time on the front page at Rpgnow.

5) Subscriptions to Purple Mountain
I have been asked to consider a subscription to Purple Mountain. I'm a little tentative on doing this for a number of reasons. I do not have a good feel for when the entire mountain will be complete nor which order the levels will come out in. I also do not have a good feel for how long each adventure will be. Both of the first two levels clocked in at about 30 pages for $4. Which based on the costs associated for building a module (writing, art, maps) is very competitive probably even too inexpensive.
   I have Purple Mountain ten on my hard drive and I expect that when it is all said and done it will be closer to 50 pages and I expect levels eleven through twenty will be similar in length and run at least $6-7. Using these numbers as a guideline I would expect the entire mountain to cost the customer $100-110 and that is if my estimates are not outrageously low I would need to build a subscription cost at somewhere around $80-100 depending on the final price what discount percentage we use.

Let's look at one of the issues.

Purple Mountain I 
assume 0.01/word (conservative) = $175
art and maps (conservative) = 100

Total costs = $275

At $4.00 and issue, I make approximately $2.60 an issue (I know right!)
So at the current plan, Purple Mountain I will take 105 sales to break even.

If we assume (and I think its a fault assumption) that each issue will have $275 production costs the total of the Mountain will cost $5,500.00 at the low end. I know that level 10 has cost significant more than level 1 because of the additional map and art needs.

Now $5,500 divided by an $80 subscription should mean that I would only need to sell 69 subscriptions to pay for the low end cost. Which sounds like a really good idea but the said fact is that when I sell something for $80 in reality I only receive $52 which would mean that I would need to sell 106 copies of the subscription to break even on the low cost.

Unless we could use gumroad. If I could convince my subscribers to purchase the subscription from the gumroad service their $80 would mean my operation would receive $75.70 for the subscription allowing me to break even on the low end at 72 sales.

Do people want a subscription to Purple Mountain?

6) Writers
We are always looking for writers to contribute to our lines. We are also always looking for writers to help expand our lines. If you have something you want to write or have a series you would like to add to please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss particulars at


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