Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Random Encounters, Otyughnomicon and Grindylows

Even More Random Encounters Remastered
by David Nicholas Ross
Last week, Purple Duck Games saw the release of its two newest products. The first was Even More Random Encounters Remastered by David Nicholas Ross. This is the third and final release in the Random Encounters Remastered line. It has been very successful for us but with the release of this third volume which covers encounters in the bowels of the earth, endless caverns, highlands, scorched wastes, windswept plains and the within the teeming veldt we have cover most of the possible wilderness environments. If you have suggestions for other environments then please leave a comment or drop me an email.

Grindylows by Michael Scotta

The second release was the third volume of our template line known as the Otyughnomicon. The Typhoon-Kissed Otyugh was written by Sam Hing and presents the typhoon-kissed template along with an encounter with otyughs, brass dragons and a tribe of grindylow.

I really like grindylow as a monstrous race. I can see my players would probably love playing in a one-shot grindylow adventure similar to Paizo's own We Be Goblins. Of course, if I did create a We Be Grindylows adventure for my players I would first need some basic grindylow statistics. I'm thinking something like this.

Grindylow Racial Statistics (10 RP - Basic Race)
Racial Type: Aberration (2 RP)
Size: Small (0 RP)
Abilities: Standard (0 RP) - +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Cha
Languages: Xenophobic (0 RP) - Aquan only
Movement: Swim (1 RP); Jet (1 RP)
Standard Abilities:  Tangling Tentacles (2 RP)
Skill and Feat Abilities: Camouflage (+4 Stealth) (1 RP); Octopus Empathy (+4 Handle Animals with octopuses) (1 RP)
Other: Amphibious (1 RP)

I think that could work well as base grindylow statistics. What do you think?

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