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Encounter - Blizzard of Loss

Yuki-onna by Michael Scotta
This image is available as stock art
from Michael Scotta and Purple Duck Games

Blizzard of Loss
Environment: Cold forest
Encounter Level:  8 (4,800)

   Area: The encounter takes place in a remote hamlet deep within the forest. The area is currently within the grip of a terrible snowstorm and the hamlet presents the characters with refuge from death by exposure.
   Situation: The player characters have been travelling for some time across the snow landscape as part of another quest when suddenly the weather takes a turn for the worse. While making their way through the snow and wind players may detect the presence of a small hamlet (Perception DC 20; -4 penalty due to inclement weather).
   The hamlet provides a dozen empty houses that can provide shelter from the store and a single occupied house. The owner of the house is an elderly man named Kousei. Kousei is currently frightened as he is being stalked by a yuki-onna and has and unfriendly attitude. If his attitude can be improved to friendly he will allow the characters in and provide hospitality to them. Once the heroes are warmed and relaxed he will try to persuade them to hunt down the yuki-onna that has destroyed the community. He will reward the characters (see below).

Complications (Optional)
1) Tracking a yuki-onna is extremely difficult as their feet never actually touch the ground. Player character searching for the yuki-onna may need to resort to magic or set a trap for the vengeful spirit by using one of their own as bait.
2) The yuki-onna has killed many of the villager from the surrounding area. This has attracted other predators and scavengers to the area like a pack of winter wolves.
3) The yuki-onna was at one time the daughter of Kousei. One evening Kousei was caught in the indiscreet company of a foreigner. After driving the man away, Kousei turned his rage upon his daughter who was shamed and forced from their house on a stormy evening. She died from exposure and returned as the yuki-onna that now plagues the hamlet. If the players discover the truth, will they kill Kousei's daughter a second time?

Kousei was once an adventurer of some skill. In battle he wielded a +1 spear known as the spear of the four winds (see Legendary II: Legendary Weapons for more information), which he will now pass on to the player that ended the threat of the yuki-onna as well as a pair of gloves of arrow snaring.

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