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Northern Waste Otyugh
The second Otyughnomicon is almost finish. It will be heading into layout this week. The primary focus of this issue is the Northern Wastes template that is part environment and are magical in nature.

Related Development
In other news it looks like both Thomas Baumbach (Author of Monstrous Races: Second Wave and Dorkistan) and Stefen Styrsky (Author on a whack of stuff) have been doing more from for K. Axel Carlsson at Headless Hydra Games. Both Stefen and Tom have new monsters in the Mor Aldenn Creature Compendium pictured below.

Stefen and I first worked with Axel when we were writing Forgotten Foes for Tricky Owlbear Publishing. Since the founding of Purple Duck Games, Axel is one of the many 3PP publishers that have offered Purple Duck Games assistance and advice on the various products that we have in development.

Mor Aldenn is the default setting for Headless Hydra Games products but there is nothing that prevents these beasties from destroying challenging your player characters.


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