Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Forgotten Encounters

Mark and I are working on more releases for our Forgotten Encounters line. In case you don't know, each Forgotten Encounters includes five one-shot encounters with monsters taken from our Forgotten Foes monster book.

They can be used for a quick game when a DM has nothing planned, to help PCs gain a little extra treasure or experience before a campaign's next arc, or a way to spice up what might otherwise be a long period of downtime between adventures.

But FE is not just encounters, and I think they might even earn the title of a mini-magazine. Each one also includes spells, extra monsters, magic items, feats and whatever we think is cool or fits the specific product's theme.

For example, the next Forgotten Encounters features urban settings. One "extra" will be an appendix item detailing the wizard school of city magic.

Of course, Mark and I want feedback. If you like or dislike what we've done with Forgotten Encounters, let us know. If you have suggestions or comments, please post a comment or send us an email!

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