Friday, 2 August 2013

August 2nd, 2013

I thought for a change, instead of just rambling endlessly here I would try to organize my thoughts into four categories.

Break Evens
CE 1 - The Falcate Idol (DCC) has now covered all its costs.
CE 2 - The Black Goat (DCC) has now covered all its costs.
Legendary Classes: Covenant Magic (PFRPG) has now covered all its costs.

Kickstarters - When Purple Duck Games we acquired responsibility for the two kickstarters originally created by 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. It has been a long time coming but it feels like we are starting to make significant progress on both. There have been some hurdles along the way both external and internal but it feels like most of the problem bits are getting sorted out. Now, obviously, it would make a lot more sense to talk about the kickstarters on the kickstarter pages but I don't have direct access to write updates on them so I write here and send some updates through Robert.

Deus ex Historica:
Deus ex Historica is a Mutants and Masterminds 3e supplement written by Don Walsh and James Stubbs. It is currently clocking in at 366 pages and still needs a 1 page introduction (which I will write this weekend) and an index. The 366 page document has been available to all backers through a secure update and we've given everyone two weeks to review it and send edits/errors before I send to the print process.

We will be sending it for proofs next week. That can take anyway from three weeks to a month and a half (because I live in Canada). Once the proofs are done, I will begin fulfilling all the game rewards.

Deus ex Historica was an overdue kickstarter by the time I took over its control. If the proofs come back clean, this kickstarter will not be over a year late.

I was not an original backer of this project.

Exploding Aces:
The text of this project was not finalized until June, and after initial edits both Perry and I had further questions. So it went back to Robert and CJ for clarification. Adventures are being written and initial layout is being done. Today, I will be sending out the rough layout in PDF form to backers via Rpgnow. Then I will continue to update the file on a weekly basis so that they can provide feedback and check on progress as we move to the final version of the document. As an indie RPG, the book is being designed at 6 x 9. I suspect it will clock in near 100 pages when all the examples, art, and adventures are in it.

Exploding Aces was an overdue kickstarter by the time that I got the text of the game. It will be out to patrons in a final form before the end of this year.

B2 (LL): Written by Perry, has not entered layout.
CE 4 (DCC): Written by Daniel, playtested by Erik Tenkar, through layout, off to Goodman Games for approval.
Fehr's Ethnology Complete: Beginning to compile this with Perry writing additional text. There will be two additional races added to this volume. I believe the subscription for this series will disappear on August 10th. So that would be the last opportunity to get in on this at the reduced price in PDF. This book will be available by print as well. 
Legendary VIII - Legendary Evil: Perry is writing additional text to better tie this product into our setting.
Lovecraft Fantasy: Primary writing is complete. Minor bits are being added as layout is being worked on and additional art is being ordered. 
Monsters of Porphyra: The cover has an art director now so I don't need to worry about that can concentration on the monsters themselves. Current page count is 74 pages. It should easily break 128 pages. All internal art is colour.
Paths of Power II: With Deus ex Historica almost off my plate, and Exploding Aces making regular progress. Paths of Power II has moved to the front of the pile of stuff to finish from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. Sean and I have been doing some co-development on some of the classes and I am going to be uploading a "working" document to the Paths of Power II subscription to allow for further discussions.
Purple Mountain VI: I am waiting on the map and the final text from Perry. Then I can begin layout on this release.

Rick Hershey of Fat Goblin Games is running a bundle containing $513 worth of product from a variety of publishers for the low, low price of $25.

From Fat Goblin Games' facebook page: August 1st, Fat Goblin Games with the help of dozens of publishers will release a huge bundle of products (over $500 so far) or a low $25. this bundle is going to help Fat Goblin co-owner, Rick Hershey and his family. Rick's wife suffers from Crohn's disease (and a lot of related issues) and this bundle will help them cover some of those related costs. In addition, part of the funds will be going to start a non-profit focusing on creating an avenue to help game designers, writers, artists, and others in our community when the fall on hard times. If you are a publisher and want to contribute, email us at If you love Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and other gaming goodies, you are in for a treat for a good cause.

Reviews (I'm liking to the reviews)
Endzeitgeist liked Player's Options: Half-Orcs (PFRPG) by Josh McCrowell. (5/5 plus seal of approval)
Endzeitgeist disliked B1 - Return of the Rat Cult (LL) by Perry Fehr. (2.5/5 rounded down to 2).
Mikko Oksman liked CE 3 - The Folk of Osmon (DCC) by Daniel Bishop (5/5 stars; very happy)

From those recent releases, the only one to break even so far is B1 - Return of the Rat Cult.

With so many kickstarters and non-kickstarters progressing, we have actually had few releases in the last couple of weeks.

Things of note include:
Player's Options: Half-Elves from Ryan Costello Jr. which is the last race to be covered for the Paths of Power II subscription. At this point on we should be talking about classes for the next little while.

Stock Art:
We have released a whack of new stock art from the artists we work with including: Academic Town by Matt Morrow; Human Adventurer, Orc Rune Warrior, Female Half-Orc, a Dwarven Half-Orc, a Reedlander on Raft, a Frogman and Elf Arm Wrestling, a Scrappy Leprechaun, a Lizardman Witch with Bog Mummy, a Druid Among a Circle of Stones, a Stag Helm, an Elven Runecaster for spot art or treasure,  by Ryan Rhodes; a Young White Dragon by Mark Hyzer; a Twistborn Elven Rogue, a Shadow Gnome, a Female Elf Sorcerer, a Female Bloodgnome Cleric by Brian Brinlee; an Elven Runecaster, an Orcish Runereaver by Gary Dupuis.

Okay, that is it for now. I need to finish breakfast and get back to Exploding Aces, Paths of Power II, and Monsters of Porphyra before I lose too much of the morning.

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