Friday, 16 August 2013

August 16th, 2013

Break Evens
There have been no new products to break even in the last two weeks. There are a couple that are flirting with the possibility (having covered at least 65% of their costs). They are:

CE 3 - The Folk of Osmon by Daniel Bishop

Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy by Josh McCrowell
Legendary Classes: Rune Magic by Josh McCrowell

Break Evenish
The Paths of Power II: Paths of Blood (and its associated mini-releases) have covered 75% of their costs so far. But its not a finished product yet so when I release more content, its costs go up, and then there are some new sales. So its fluctuates up and down and will continue to do so until the book is done. From a page count, it looks about 1/2 done so far but its returns are promising.

Strength by Crimson Vermillion
Deus ex Historica: The product is finished and has been submitted and approved by the print process in both softcover and hardcover. I suspect we might hit a snag on the hardcover but I have my fingers crossed. Proof copies of the softcover and hardcover have been purchased and sent to Robert for review. I haven't got a notice that says they have shipped yet but I'll try to keep you in the loop here when that happens.

Exploding Aces: The product is in my hands, and an initial layout has gone out to patrons. CJ Ruby is working with me to help finalize the text, Crimson Vermilion is working on art with us, Perry might be writing a sample adventure as well. I would like to have the final version  ready for print process by August 31 but that might be a bit ambitious on my part. Each week I'm uploading the newest version of the file to Rpgnow for patrons to download and comment on. I'm not getting much in the way of feedback on it.

In Process
 Layout has begun on a number of titles.

Doom comes to those that challenge
the Monsters of Porphyra by Gary Dupuis
  • B2 - The Twice-Robbed Tomb by Perry Fehr just entered layout last night. It should be out for Labyrinth Lords some time next week. (August)
  • Fehr's Ethnology Complete is undergoing revisions as we look to tighten up the rules in the earlier releases, develop a unified format for the book and finalize the Eventuals and Polkan. (October)
  • Legendary Treasures VIII is being developed by Perry so that is fits better within the Porphyra setting. The Legendary Treasures series laid the ground work for the Porphyra Campaign Setting so it only makes sense that the newest releases in that series are also rooted in Porphyra. (September)
  • Monsters of Porphyra: Conversion of monsters and writing of additional text continues.As it stands there are about 40 monsters left to work on. The book is currently 98 pages and features full-colour art for the creatures contained in it. (September)
  • Paths of Power II: This continues to expand each month. We are working on revisions as we go and definitely want feedback on what is written so far. If there is something that is far too broken or far too worthless we want to address that before its finalized. (November-tentative)
  • Porphyra Campaign Setting: Perry and I are working on additional text. The gazetteer was written by a pile of different people and then harmonized by Perry into a consistent setting. The world map, which is huge, will be done very soon and we are working to make sure everything is perfect for the book before it releases. (January/February). 
  • Purple Mountain VI: Well of Stars: This is the second book in the Purple Mountain Series written by Perry Fehr. I thought I was waiting on the texts, turns out I had the text. So basically, I've been at fault for this one's delay. Layout proceeds. (August/September)

Our biggest promotion this month has been my birthday give-away. On August 10th, we made A Score of Trapped Chests, Legendary II: Legendary Weapons, and Purple Mountain I: Temple of the Locust Lord available for free. If you looked at the "cost" of this promotion from a sales perspective with 493 Trapped Chests, 501 Legendary II, and 460 Purple Mountains it represents a net giveaway that day of $2,813. Which isn't bad. I kind of thought it would be higher but what can you do. Hopefully, it helped us reach some new people.

New Bundle: Campaign Elements 1-4 by Daniel Bishop
New Bundle: The Josh McCrowell Experience
New Bundle: Legendary Classes
New Bundle: Purple Mountain 1-5

Last month I upgraded Legendary II: Legendary Weapons to the current Purple Duck Games trade dress from its ugly old Word layout. Last week, I updated the layout on Legendary III: Legendary Items. The plan is to update one of these a month until all the old, old books conform to the current standard. September's refresh will be Encounter Pages.

Reviews (Linking to  the Reviews as Always)

Paths of Power II continues its growth
and development.
New Releases
Although there have been no big, big releases lately there have been several new things out on top of what is currently in process.

Dungeon Crawl Classics
CE 4 - The Seven Deadly Skills of Sir Amoral the Misbegotten

Freebie/Pay What You Want
Purple Duck Storeroom: Exotic Liquors

Player's Options: The Sheriff (Part of Paths of Power II)

Stock Art
A Door

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