Update #???

I just checked the stats for the page, and I see that there's a steady decrease in page views for each successive update. I find that a tad distressing, because it means there may be a bit of information overload going on. The reason why I try to post every day is because for so long you guys heard nothing about the progress of this game. I pride myself on being open and available about the process. If you guys think this is now too much information, maybe I should post only once a week....

That said, I haven't posted in a few days because stuff and things are going on over here. Mostly, writing. Lots and lots of writing. I worry that I'm giving the impression that the game needed a lot of work or that it was largely undone. This is actually far from the truth. Mostly, what's going on is tightening up the language as certain key concepts get hammered into place. For example, the discussion on magic items led to an idea that ended up better explaining why magic leads to Harmony loss. That, in turn, led to a review of all the spell-casting professions to see what they did and tweak them a bit.... The game is getting stronger in concept and application every day.

Lastly, you backers out there who paid to include something in the game have got one week left to get me your information -- the names you wanted to add, the places you had in mind. Otherwise, at the end of next week, I'm closing the book on this part. If you don't get me your information, it's not going to go into the book. In particular, I have a few elements that I know are from backers, but I want to hear from you. Someone added a pika villain, for example, but I don't know who. Someone else added a village, but I don't know who.

If you talk to the backers who have already contributed, I've been working with each of them to make sure their contribution is included and also fits the setting. If a name doesn't quite fit, I want to find a solution so that they name is in there, the backer is happy with it, and it fits the tone of the book. I also let each person know what the final form looks like, so they know what to look for when the game comes out. So far, it's been a great process, and I hope you backers who have already participated have enjoyed it and been happy with the end result.

So. If you paid to add something to Cairn, get it in to me. Just so I can make sure it's in there (it most likely is, but I want to be sure). It's also great to know where the information came from. Email me at SoulJAR.info@gmail.com with BACKER CONTRIBUTION in the subject line.

And can someone post this to the Cairn Kickstarter page?! I can't do it, and maybe that'll boost the signal.

Today, I've got work to do on magic and Harmony (separately. Not combined). Those of you who have been participating in the discussion have been super helpful. I wanted to thank you for your interest in Cairn and your feedback and suggestions.


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