July Update 1

July has been a very, very month so far which is just awesome. July/August are the only two months of the year at which I can be "full-time" with Purple Duck Games so I'm really pleased at the amount of work that we have gotten done so far. For new releases we have:

Campaign Elements Series (DCC; Daniel J. Bishop)
Daniel J. Bishop has kicked off our second series for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game called Campaign Elements (CE). Daniel describes them as follows:

The Campaign Elements series is designed to help judges create persistent campaign worlds, as well as deal with patron quests, divine requests, and the sudden need to "Quest For It". Whether it is because you are short on players one evening, or the wizard needs to locate a new spell, the Campaign Elements series has you covered.
Each of these areas is short enough to be played through by most groups in only a single session. That doesn't mean that the value of the area is limited to a single session – each adventure includes notes on "squeezing it dry"…effectively getting the maximum re-use from your investment.
There are currently two releases in this line:

The Falcate Idol
CE 1 - The Falcate Idol
The Cult of the Harrower is ancient, and each of the eight eyes of its spider-idol is rumored to be a moonstone gem the size of a pigeon's egg. Moreover, somewhere within the cult's sanctuary, a pool flows from the Egg of Creation. Will your Thief seek to make a legendary score? Will your Wizard pursue the shards of the Egg? Will your Cleric join the cult? Or will your Warrior fight his way through the web-covered passages to rescue them if they fail? Any or all of these scenarios are possible!

An adventure for 2-8 level 2 Dungeon Crawl Classics characters. This adventure is also suitable for 1-2 level 3 characters, or a solo level 4 thief who relies primarily upon stealth and caution.

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CE 2 - The Black Goat
Not all mountain passes are lonely.
Come meet the Mahmat Troth and the One they adore. Only in the high pass will you discover what the Black Goat truly is.
A Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign element for use with characters of all levels.
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The are in both of these was done by Luigi Castellani who may be my good to artist for DCC now.

Deus ex Historica (M&M3e; Don Walsh & James Stubbs)
With Deus ex Historica, you take a look into the files of future archaeologist Danni Cipher, and explore the Ages of the Super-Hero: from their Golden Age beginning, straight through to the Modern Age. Follow the way these comic book eras focused on different styles, struggles, attitudes and even powers, for hero and villain alike.
You can step into the role of any one of four dozen ready-made heroes, to take up their struggles against dozens of their most diabolical foes! Golden, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Modern; each age presents its own team of heroes and the criminals and maniacs that they opposed, good to go straight from the book.
We are about half-way through the initial layout of this massive ton and have been releasing characters serially for it. Kickstarter backers should all have a subscription to this but if you do not and have seen "nothing" then you need to send me an email. The newest releases in this series are only available at Rpgnow because we have sold no copies of any release or the subscription at d20pfsrd.com or Paizo.com (all of our other products sell well at those venues, just not our M&M releases).
Mother Bear II
Newest releases are all silver age villains:
We are about 1/2 done doing the initial layout on the book as a whole. The cheapest way to collect Deus ex Historica (if you didn't get in on the kickstarter) is through subscription with Rpgnow, d20pfsrd.com, or Paizo.com. Though no one has bought any Deus ex Historica through d20pfsrd.com or Paizo.com doesn't mean they couldn't and if we has a few sales there it would help make those vendors more viable for M&M3e support.

Runecaster by Gary Dupuis.
Legendary Classes: Rune Magic (PFRPG; Porphyra; Josh McCrowell)
There is a place on the world of Porphyra called the Theater of Arrival, though no plays are found there. What is found there is a ring of twenty-seven stones, all an odd maroon color. The stones lie pm a field of glass, as if some great heat, light or pressure had been brought to bear on it. Though no play is performed here, there is art, of a sort. Each of the stones bears several images, three, in fact, two of which are the same on every stone, and one different. The similar images bookend the different on each stone, and appear as the engraving of a tall, thin humanoid with pointed ears, and a muscular humanoid with tusk-like fangs and fierce demeanor. It is said that if you look at the images long enough, in that wind-swept place, they start to look more and more like each other. The central image of each stone is unique. It is here that the elven runecasters and orcish runereapers triggered The Calling and irrevocably changed the face of Porphyra.
This third release in the Legendary Classes lines presents two alternate classes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game:
  • Runecaster (alternate alchemist)
  • Runereaper (alternate barbarian)
The runecaster is a voiceless spellcaster who is able to shape the fundamental aspects of magical power, leave behind invisible explosive runes, and unlock the powers of legendary treasures quicker than others.
The runereaper is an arcane-fuelled warrior that is first into battle. Using the runes carved into his flesh he is able to activate many additional combat powers multiple times per day. The more he defeats enemies in combat, the more he can access his runes.
Additionally, favored class bonuses are listed for all the Porphyran playable races just like we showcased in Legendary Classes: Covenant Magic.
Note: The runecaster class uses the Word of Powermechanic from Ultimate Magic by Paizo Publishing, you will need access to that book or one of the many Pathfinder SRD sites to access the additional material needed.
If you like this release please check out other work by Josh like Heroes of the Fenian TriarchyLegendary Races: HarpiesLegendary VII: More Legendary Items, or Player's Options: Half-Orcs.
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Monster Knowledge Cards II (PFRPG; Perry Fehr)
Physical Cards have been order but
have not arrived yet.

Soon to be available as a
physical 300 card set.
GM's Aid IX: Monster Knowledge Cards II, your job as GM just got easier! This latest version of the Monster Knowledge Cards product has been designed for compatibility with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game from Paizo Publishing, LLC.
There is a card for all of the Bestiary II monsters from Achaierai to Juju Zombie, and each includes a number of facts about that particular creature, and any variant types of that creature. Each fact is tied to an increasingly higher Knowledge check DC. When the players characters are faced with a creature, whip out the appropriate card, have the players make rolls, and tell them what they know.
This set of cards is currently only available as download. They are formatted for use in a digital manner and the card production process, they are not formatted for printing at home. 
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Player's Options: Half-Orcs (PFRPG; Josh McCrowell)
He will smash you in the face repeatedly if you
call his a dworc again by Ryan Rhodes
Half-orcs have been dealt a rough hand, both in-character and out. Though present in the first edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, they have flickered in and out of playability for the past thirty-odd years. Still, a half-orc is damnably hard to kill.
If you are holding this book, you are probably one of the half-orc’s stalwart fans. There is a charm in the monster, a charm in the brute, a charm in the outsider that no other core character race can emulate. Half-orcs are made to be extreme characters. A half-orc is either a noble savage or a murderous monster; they accept no middle ground and tolerate no compromise. They are ideal for games of great heroes and terrible villains.
Presented here are several options for your half-orc characters, including new racial variants,
feats, flaws, and equipment. Enjoy! 
Also, be sure to check out Player's Options: Humans, Player's Options: Halflings, Player's Options: Dwarves, Player's Options: Elves, and Player's Options: Gnomes!
This product is part of the Paths of Power II: Paths of Blood subscription.
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David loves Long Titles
Random Encounters Remastered: World's Edge and Beyond (PFRPG; David Nicholas Ross)
Random Encounters Remastered is intended to provide GMs a detailed, comprehensive source for randomly generating unique encounters with a variety of interesting terrain features, NPCs and site-specific monsters. More than simply a bunch of tables, Random Encounters Remastered also presents rules, guidelines and advice for quickly creating interesting roleplaying and combat situations.
Each volume of Random Encounters Remastered describes a number of adventure areas. These encompass common sites such as grand marketplaces, eerie woods, and windswept plains to more unusual locales such as planar strongholds, underworld battlefields and endless caverns. The areas can be further customized by adding new terrain features and hazards described in each book. The random monster generator for each setting is setup to automatically provide a CR-appropriate challenge for a party no matter their level so a GM doesn’t have to worry about encounters that are too easy or too hard. Wherever a party finds itself, the tables and rules in this book can help a GM construct a quick, memorable encounter.
Adventure areas included: Abyssal Rifts, Beshadowed Backwoods, Elemental Oasis, Historic Battlefields, Misty Morass, and Summer Otherworld.
This product makes use of opponents from Bestiary 1, 2, 3, the Gamemastery Guide, and the NPC Codex.
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In the Background
There is a ton of stuff going on in the background not limited to:
  • layout on Purple Mountain V
  • editing of Racial Alternate Classes
  • editing/development of Exploding Aces 
  • layout on more Deus ex Historica
  • development on Paths of Power II
  • development of Monsters of Porphyra
  • layout on two new Legendary Treasures books
  • development on Lovecraft Fantasy (there I said it)
  • Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy enters distribution in August.
  • Legendary Classes: Covenant Magic to enter distribution in October.
  • The Patchwork World of Porphyra is being mapped.
  • More Campaign Element (DCC) and Adventure Locale (AL) products are in the works

I'm sure I've forgotten a ton of things.


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