May 27th - June 9th

Thankfully we are out of May and finally into June. I'm coming up to my annual holidays in a couple of weeks and with then be able to devote almost full-time effort to Purple Duck Games and 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming products.

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
It has been quite on the 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming from the last couple of weeks as I've been working on finishing up Purple Mountain IV: The Magmadome and on a number of day job projects that have been completely consuming my spare time. That will change this week however because we are back to work on 4WFG stuff and should be releasing three things this week.

First off there will be two new Deus ex Historica releases featuring two superhero teams of the silver age--The Second Chance Squad and The Watchful Gaze.

The Second Chance Squad
Secondly, we have finally made some movement on getting Bestiary II - Monster Knowledge Cards produced. What is even more awesome is that the cards will actually be cards through the DriveThruCards program. Because of number of monsters in the bestiary, the cards will be sold in manageable and affordable sets. The first will be out this week and contain 54 cards from (Achaierai to Centipede, Titan). The knowledge items were written by Perry and follow the pattern established by 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming.

Purple Duck Games
It may seem like a quiet week for the Purple Duck Games side of things but that is only because we just finished up Purple Mountain IV: The Magmadome.

Now turning our attention back to DCC for a little while. Daniel Bishop is creating a series of short adventures for Dungeon Crawl Classics. He describes the series as:

Any role-playing game session can take a left turn at Albuquerque, leaving the poor Game Master wondering what to do next.  This is even more true for the dedicated Dungeon Crawl Classics judge, who discovers that patron quests, divine disapproval, and the requests of gods to pay back divine favor can make the game take incredible new turns with the roll of a few dice.  Add to this the advice urging players to “Quest For It” when they want something unusual for their players, and you have a potent stew for gaming, but also a situation in which the judge may want strong DCC elements with a minimum of preparation required.

The Campaign Element (CE) series attempts to address these specific areas.  Now, when your wizard is looking for a spell, your cleric is sent on a mission from her deity, or your thief simply wants to find a location where stealth and a cunning mind are paramount, you will have an answer at your fingertips.  Weave these campaign elements into your world, mesh them into other modules and areas of your own creation, and watch the “Appendix N” vibe of your games grow.

In addition, for various reasons sometimes only a few players were available for a night’s gaming.  Each Campaign Element is short enough to be played through by most groups in only a single session.  That doesn’t mean that the value of the area is limited to a single session – each adventure includes notes on “squeezing it dry”…effectively getting the maximum re-use from your investment.

While I am working away at DCC and finishing up the 4WFG releases for this week, please stop by Endzeitgeist's site and read the review of Josh McCrowell's Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy

Lands of Porphyra logo by Michael Scotta
Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy is the first book to really start to explore the Lands of Porphyra Setting. We have big plans for Porphyra and have been slower revealing more and more details about this unique setting through releases like Gods of Porphyra, Fehr's Ethnology, Legendary Classes: Covenant Magic, as well as our Legendary Treasures line that first made mention of some of the lands. 

Each of the Heroes of... books will feature options for players and gamemasters to base their adventures in one region of this expansive setting. The full setting overview should be available in the fall (map/art/revisions) permitting. 

So far Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy is 50% paid for and its starting to garner some notice. In addition, it will be the first product that Purple Duck Games will have available through distribution channels. 

Okay, I better get going I have some DCC to do then more Paths of Power, Deus ex Historica and then perhaps its time to finish up Legendary Classes: Rune Magic. Its kind of nice to have too much to do. I can't wait until July to really start digging into some of Purple Duck Games and 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming's backlog.

Oh, and Purple Duck Games has been invited to the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous in the fall. I've accepted the invite and will be heading to Montana in October for the convention. This will be my first gaming convention as a publisher or a player.


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