And then it was the end of May...

Sometimes I just don't know where the time goes over here in the Purple Duck Games bunker. For a while I was really consistent on updating the blog at least once a week. Obviously I fell of that schedule so its time to catch up. 

Top Publisher List at Rpgnow
Today for the first time since we began publishing books, we have made the top publisher list on Rpgnow's front page. I say, we made it, but really, you made it happen with your support of our Pathfinder, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Labyrinth Lord, Icons, 4C, and stock art releases. 

To celebrate, I've put all Purple Duck Games products and all 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming products up for sale at Rpgnow and for 25% off. This sale will continue until June 1st only, so do not hesitate to pick up your missed items.

New from Purple Duck Games
From Purple Duck Games we have released three short products. 

In 2011, 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming released the Tome of Monsters for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game System. If there is one thing that I really love its monster books. That is why I worked with Stefen Styrsky and Tricky Owlbear Publishing to create Forgotten Foes. However, it seems that a lot of monsters that get created never make it into the games of our fellow gamemasters. The Tome of Monster Encounters (TOME, for sort) is our attempt to correct that problem. 

So far there have been two issues in this line. One is free and the other is currently on sale. 

Free: TOME: As Likely As A Goat Herding Sheep

TOME: As Likely As A Goat Herding Fish is a single encounter designed for use with first level player characters. It follows the same format as our Encounter Pages series and features:
  • An encounter for 1st level characters
  • Updated statistics for Flying Koi and Goatman (Caprian) from the Tome of Monsters
  • A handful of 3PP spells
  • Information to set this encounter within the Middle Kingdoms of Porphyra
  • Plus it's free

On Sale: TOME: A Whale of a Problem

TOME: A Whale of a Problem is a single encounter designed for use with thirteenth level player characters. It follows the same format as our Encounter Pages series and features:
  • An encounter for 13th level characters
  • Updated statistics for the abaia from the Tome of Monsters
  • Porphyran racial characteristics for fetchlings
  • Information to set this encounter within the Sea of Ithreia near the Barony of Thuthon
As we are getting closer and closer to releasing our campaign setting, it felt appropriate to start linking our products more directly to the setting, so the TOME books will all be set in Porphyra but usuable in any campaign world with a little work.

The third release is the first product that we have released for the Labyrinth Lord system. 

B1 - Return of the Rat Cult
Felton is much like any other agricultural town, a good harvest brings plenty, but a bad harvest brings... The Return of the Rat Cult!  In the aftermath of a riot, townspeople are missing, and the Rat Cultists are to blame. Time is running out- can the party find them and reap the reward of the sacred shield?  Return of the Rat Cult is a Labyrinth Lords adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 2 and 3, combining investigative work and dungeon delving against harrowing odds.  Several new magic items and possible entry into the depths of the earth await those who would confront The Servants of the Small God!  

Labyrinth LordTM is copyright 2007-2011, Daniel Proctor. Labyrinth LordTM and Advanced Labyrinth LordTM are trademarks of Daniel Proctor. These trademarks are used under the Labyrinth LordTM Trademark License 1.2, available at

Over on the 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming side
We have had four additional releases for the Deus ex Historica line of Mutants and Mastermind supplements. 

Alien Overlord, Gorog the Unstoppable

We are deeply entrenched in the Silver Age releases. More will be coming out early next month.

Another product that managed to get out was Robert Thomson's take on player's options for Gnomes. This release is part of the Paths of Power II subscription that is currently on sale. Here is the into text:

Blood Gnome Inquisitor of Saren
by Brian Brinlee
With their origins firmly rooted in myth and folklore, gnomes may be one of the better known fantasy creatures to non-gamers, but when it comes to those who play fantasy RPGs they are often overlooked. Gnomes have gone through a variety of changes since their introduction in the grandfather of roleplaying games, starting as basically nothing more than shorter dwarves and progressing to the magic-infused, fey-descended creatures of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
But gnomes still remain often overlooked by players. Player's Options: Gnomes, presents players with several new options that hopefully will bring gnomes to the forefront and make them a viable option. We present here variant races, like the dour, dark shadow gnomes, over a dozen feats specifically for gnome characters, a number of flaws to flesh out gnome characters, and finally a few bits of equipment specific to gnomes.
Gnomes. Not just for gardens and travelling any more!
With new art from Brian Brinlee for the shadow gnomes and blood gnomes.
What is next for Purple Duck Games
At this point my entire focus is on Purple Mountain IV: The Magmadome. There are many products that could get worked on but I need one week to finish this. So at this point forward, I should not be working on anything except Purple Mountain IV: The Magmadome until its finalized. We have been out of the mountain too long and I know many people are waiting on this. 
Drothos, The Magma Exarch

Once Purple Mountain IV is out, then its back to Deus ex Historica, Paths of Power II, and a host of other things including Legendary Classes: Runecasters.


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