The Week of March 3rd-9th, 2013

Hive King by
 Juan Diego Dianderas
Deus ex Historica Update
I've just finished upload the next two issues of Deus ex Historica to our sales sites. This week we added Ghost Boy, Hive King, Grenadier, and Lady Pendergrass. I have four more through initial layout and now they need to go to Perry and Don for final checks before we release them on Monday and Thursday.

I also received the artist list from Robert, so I've been working hard to make sure the artists for this product are properly credited.

Paths of Power II Update
We launched Paths of Power II: Paths of Blood as a subscription on the 2nd of March. Sales have been pretty good so far. There were four products included in it at launch and Player's Options: The Corsair was added to it on Marc 5th. The Corsair is a pirate-based base class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game written by 4WFG alumni Sean O'Conner. The Paths of Power products were always about expanding player options with new base classes and other customizations. In the future we will be adding more racial options for Elves, Gnomes, Half-Elves and Half-Orcs, as well as the base classes of Arashi, Hetaera, Reaper, Sheriff, Shinobi, Shohei, and Thamuaturge, archetypes for the classes from Paths of Power I, and a selection of feats, magic and spells. Its nice to get Paths of Power II back into production in a meaningful way.

Perry Fehr
The Flumph is drawn by Gary Dupuis
There were a whack of things turned in recently from both writers and artists. Perry Fehr (on top of editing everything and managing the Purple Mountain line) has managed to write the second volume of Monstrous Bloodlines for Sorcerers. It is not out yet but expect to see this cover on virtual shelves later this week (March 10th-March 16th). Perry also got two more races done for Fehr's Ethnology. I need to order art for them and then in April or May, we will be going to Print-On-Demand for the whole set.

Sean O'Connor
We finalized Player's Options: The Corsair this last week and as soon as he was finished answering my questions and double checking things he was hard at work on Player's Options: Elves. I suspect Player's Options: Elves will not be out until the week of the 17th. Currently he is working on more magic items for Paths of Power II.

Ryan Costello Jr.
Ryan is another contributor the the Paths of Power II product. He has a couple of classes in it and this week he wrote up the Player's Options: Humans. While it moves it way through the process on this end, he has turned his attention to the half-elf supplement.

Josh McCrowell
While we are all waiting for Josh McCrowell's Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy to be release he has been hard at work on Legendary Classes: Rune Magic. He turned this in to me last week and I've sent it off to Perry for editing. I ordered art for the two classes featured in it from Ryan Rhodes. I'm hoping we can get this one finalized by the end of the month or early next month. Currently, Josh is looking for at where next he can leave his mark on Porphyra.

David Nicholas Ross
All of the text and art needed for David's Legendary Classes: Covenant Magic is in and ready to go. What is currently lacking it the dedicated time I need to do the layout on this. I'll be trying to correct this in the coming weeks. In the meantime, David is working on a new issue of Random Encounters Remastered. Both David and I are hopeful that these two products will find a good audience because even though Ploys and Plots: A Skill and Feat Collection was very well review sales have been flat to non-existent for it.

Gary Dupuis
Has been working on the monsters for Monster of Porphyra for what must seem like forever to him. The good news is that we are down to the remaining 15 monsters and then we can move that product into the final stages of development as well.

I've also gotten work in lately from Sam Hing, David Przybyla, James Lewis, Michael Spano, Robert Thomson, and Daniel Bishop. In factor what I need right now is about a week off so I can get some Purple Duck Games stuff done, but we will do our best.

Sam, David, James, Michael, Robert, and Daniel. I will be getting back to you this week on your projects and let you know when they will be moving forward. I apologize for the delays.

Jeez, I hope I didn't miss anybody. Okay, I better get back to work on one of the backlogged projects.


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