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As most of my readers know Purple Duck Games is not my day job so sometimes things can be slow to get moving. However, this week I'm on holidays so naturally that means I have lots of time to work on Purple Duck Games projects. So far, it has been a very productive week with one of the larger 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming  products getting some movement and at least on Purple Duck Games release as well.

Danni Cipher, Time Travelling
by Talon Dunning
First up, we have release a subscription for the Deus ex Historica line. The complete Deus ex Historicai book will likely be over 300 hundred pages when finished, so in order to tackle this one easier and get content out to our kickstarters quicker we have decided on doing series releases. Each of the heroes and villains will be available independently of the subscription if you only have interest in certain characters as well.

The first of the serial releases is out now and details the time-travelling archaeologist, Danni Cipher, who acts as the guide and narrator to the rest of the character profiles. This is the first 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming and Purple Duck Games product developed for the 3rd Edition of Mutants and Masterminds. The entire project was written by James Stubbs and Don Walsh.

Stirge bloodline fully manifested
by Gary Dupuis.
Meanwhile, Perry Fehr (author of 5-star rated Purple Mountain III: The Feasting) has been hard at work on a number of other projects including Monstrous Bloodlines for Sorcerers which was released earlier today. This tightly focused PDF add seven new sorcerer bloodlines for player characters (cyclopean, inevitable, medusan, otyugh, sphinx, stirge, and unicorn... we couldn't get a flumph one we were happy with yet). If you are looking for new ways to differentiate your sorcerer, Perry has you covered. This product was inspired by the art Gary Dupuis created for us to the left.

Now I need to get a bit of work done on Paths of Power II and finish the Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy.


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