I want to be very clear, Purple Duck Games has not created a kickstarter to fund any of our products but we certainly get drawn in by many kickstarter campaigns from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming's Exploding Aces to Reaper's Bones Kickstarter. Two kickstarters that we are really interested in now for our own personal benefit are the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter and Legendary Realms Kickstarter.

Pathfinder Online is a fantasy sandbox MMO by Goblinworks based on the Pathfinder tabletop game. It uses a unique process called "Crowdforging" to determine what features are implemented in the game, in what order.

Even if you are not a MMO player there are lots of excellent rewards attached to this kickstarter like the Emerald Spire Megadungeon for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (currently this is set to be 6-levels deep, but when the product is funded there should be 10 levels at a minimum).

Then there are Pathfinder Battles Minatures and my favourite the Crowdforger PDF Superpack

Paizo's community is very strong, and that includes friends at many excellent third-party publishers that make roleplaying products for use with the Pathfinder RPG. Paizo reached out to those publishers and asked them if they would be willing to donate a PDF or two (or sometimes even more) that we could bundle up and offer as part of the Crowdforger Kickstarter backers, and the response has been absolutely amazing—including Paizo's own contribution, it currently includes 42 products from 29 different publishers. According to current counts there is over $300 dollars with worth of material from Third Party Publishers who have leapt behind this project. 

I can't think of another OGL-related project that has brought so many publishers together in one place.

 Legendary Realms
The Legendary Realms kickstarter is raising money to invest in the technology needed to increase there product line. Legendary Realms produces fantasy terrain for tabletop roleplaying. Brian Berg, from Total Party Kill games, is managing the kickstarter for Legendary Realms and each of the reward levels provides a different amount of premade terrain. 

All the terrain is made out of a two-part resin that is designed to fit snugly together and each piece of terrain is hand painted by the people at Legendary Realms. 

Although the kickstarter video is not great to look at, I am impressed by the look of the terrain and am happy to back a project like this. Additionally, the project has been up for a day or so and is already 56% funded.

If you have any interest in all for megadungeons, 3PP Pathfinder products, MMOs or resin dungeon terrain please check these two kickstarters out before it is too late.

- Mark Gedak
ps. Our "Year in Review" post will come at the end of January, we have a couple super-duper secret things that we need to finalize first.


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