Hidden in Plain Sight for Windows

I have successfully created a version of Hidden in Plain Sight for Windows.  It is still multiplayer ONLY, and it still REQUIRES Xbox-compatible gamepads for all players!

It is for sale on Indievania in a "pay what you want" model.  You can even get it for free.

I'm also working on getting it on IndieCity.

I don't expect many people to want the Windows version of this game.  It's always been a couch-and-TV kind of game, but maybe you have a computer or laptop that you can hook up to your TV.

But if this is something that you're interested in, hey, have a free copy.  Hope it works out for you!

I found the best way to play is by importing the shortcut to Hidden in Plain Sight into Steam ("Add a non-Steam game to your library").  Then opt-into the Steam "Big Picture Mode" beta.

But don't believe me... observe this commercial:


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