Sunday, 14 October 2012

Fehr's Ethnology: Zendiqi

The Zendiqi by Tamas Baranya

Fehr's Ehtnology: Zendiqi profiles the zendiqi race for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
The zendiqi are pureblooded descendants of aboriginal Porphyrans, who were the human norm on Porphyra at the time of The Calling. They venerated elemental lords and opposed the coming of the gods, fighting against them and their devotees in the NewGod Wars. Utterly defeated, the zendiqi retreated to their ancestral home in the harsh deserts, rejecting the outside world and dreaming of vengeance against the muhartik, or god-worshipping interlopers. They are fully human, treated in every way as normal humans, and can interbreed as humans do. Their mystical world revolves around The Four, as they refer to the banished elemental lords, and they see an overlap and an intertwining of mystical and practical life.

This release includes:
- ecology of zendiqi
- racial characteristics for zendiqi characters (including alternate racial characteristics)
- a selection of racial feats
- traits for the zendiqi race (if you use traits)
- an additional wildblooded bloodline and cavalier order
- sample zendiqi 1st level character

This is the eigth release in the series of racial supplements detailing the new races for Porphyra.

This release is available at Rpgnow and Gumroad now and Paizo soonish.

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