Friday, 17 August 2012

E is for Erkunae

Erkunae are from the Fehr's Ethnology series available from our vendors.

Erkunae Alchemist by Matt Morrow
The erkunae are a race of people similar in many ways to humans, but they have allowed sorcerous pacts with outsiders to alter their race substanially. They hail from the mist-covered island of Erkusaa. They spend much of their time plotting against each other instead of enslaving nearby nations as they once did. The erkunae have access to many magical and martial resources, and are very skilled in both disciplines. They keep slaves, both mundane and magical, and have a reputation of aloof cruelty and a certain alienness of attitude. Many within their society are beginning to question their age-old traditions, and perhaps, change may yet visit the island of the erkunae.

It is the best selling version of the Fehr's Ethnology so far. When this race is compiled into the full Fehr's Ethnology, it will have this new art by Matt Morrow.

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