Thursday, 9 August 2012

Crimson Caves - Out Now!

Crimson Caves by Chris Longhurst

Purple Duck Games is proud to release Crimson Caves by Chris Longhurst.

Solicitation Text
The Crimson Caves are a local landmark, so named for the reddish veins of hematite running through the natural rock formations inside the hill. Rusty water wells up from the earth when it rains, and the local goblins—always a nuisance but never a serious threat—use the same iron pigments for their crude cave paintings.

But behind the goblin nuisance a greater threat is brewing: an aging hobgoblin warlord in search of one last conquest. Can a band of novice adventurers bring a final end to his plans?

Crimson Caves is an introductory module for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It is designed for a party of four 1st level character of mixed classes. Characters should probably make it to level 3 if they clear out the entire caves.

Special Note: Cartography for the Crimson Caves was proved by Øone Games. Øone Games Cartography by Mario Barbati.

On Porphyra
The Crimson Caves are situated in the borderlands of the Trade Consortium of Blix near the Guild City of Sart. Due to the caves remote nature and the fact that caves of off the main trade routes, the Trade Consortium does not police these lands and freelancers are often hired to deal with pests like the local goblins.

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