Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saren - The Tusked God, The Untamed, The Great Warden
by Sean O'Connor. Art by Tamas Baranya

Many publishers have released roleplaying game products with great pantheons, which I have enjoyed as a gamer. As a publisher, I was always less enthused because invariably the gods, their histories and motivations were designated as closed content meaning that I could not use their gods in my products. For a while, Purple Duck Games just went with a generic plan as so many companies do and refer to other gods obliquely such as the God of the Hunt and Community or the Goddess of Valor even though we all secretly know those titles are being used to refer to someone else’s work.

In April of this year, I launched a search for writers to contribute to an open pantheon. This tome is the result of the hard work of over a dozen writers who stepped up to help us create a twenty-seven god pantheon that can be used as open game content in our products and the products of any other publisher that wishes to use them without restriction.

Gods of Porphyra has now been released at Rpgnow, Paizo and Gumroad.

With our Pantheon in place, we now begin to move forward with a fully open game content setting.

Similar to the Open Gods project, I am seeking writers for the Open World project which will likely be called the Lands of Porphyra. If you are interested in writing for this setting pleased drop me a line at

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