Saturday, 30 June 2012

Fehr's Ethnology: Xesa

Xesa Magus, by Maciej (Matt) Janaszek
The xesa are hybrid race of plant-like humanoids. They are genderless and reproduce by splitting down the middle of their body when they reach the Time of Division.

I would play a xesa if I wanted:

        • To possess the high Intelligence necessary for Alchemist, Magus, Witch or Witch.
          • To be immune to paralysis, poison and polymorph 
          • To play a druid with a plant companion named Chomp-Chomp
          • To heal damage thanks to the life giving light of the sun.
          • To live in harmony with the natural world.
          • To not be tracked by dinosaurs sniffing around the jungles of Californ
          • To never grow old.

I would not want to play a xesa if I wanted:
  • To charge into battle with a big axe as a fighter.
  • To explore the Frozen North and hunt down otherworldly invaders.
  • Worship one of the Gods of Porphra
  • Swing from chandeliers with rapier or pistol in hand (mostly because it would look silly).
  • Undertake the physical and spiritual conditioning to be a monk

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