Open Faiths (Project Writers Needed)

I'm looking to have Purple Duck Games design a set of 27 deities that can be used as open game content by all publishers and in your home campaign.  Over our many products, we have both created new gods and indirectly referenced other gods such as the Goddess of Valor or God of the Hunt, but I would like to have a set of gods and goddess that I can refer to by name for both our Legendary Treasure series, Purple Mountain, Monstrous Races, Fehr's Ethnology and other releases.

This is the format I'm looking at:

Common Names (2 minimum)
Typical Worshippers:
Cleric Alignments:
Favored Weapon:
Favored Animal:

+200 words (story of the god/goddess)
+300 words (typical follower information, rituals, spell preparation practice, temples)
+2 faith traits

The design concepts are:
- There are 27 gods; 3 for each alignment.
- All races share the same gods though they may give them different names.
- The gods did not create the world. They are interloper gods, who have come to this world after being forced from their home by their own creations.
- I will provide base details for each divine.
- Payment is a flat $10 a god (which should be close to 2 cents a word).

If you are interested in working on this project drop me line at 


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