Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Legendary VI: Legendary Armor

Mage Hunter Armor by Tamas Baranya

A follow up of sorts to Legendary IV: Legendary ShieldsLegendary VI: Legendary Armorpresents 15 different suits of magical armor that grow in power as your character does. Each suite of armoris different and unique – every type of character and player, from the powerful fighter to the stealthy rogue to the flamboyant and charismatic bard should find something within that makes his eyes grow wide with excitement!
These suits of Legendary Armor are great items for PCs to find in a treasure hoard or perhaps even research and then seek out early in their career. The magical armor can then grow in power as the character does (as they learn more about their armor’s unique history, of course). Such Legendary Armor is certain to become a prized possession and an integral part of the character, which in turn can only strengthen and enriche the campaign!
I approached writing Legendary Armor a little differently that I did Legendary Shields (although I was able to tie a Legendary Shield and Legendary Armor together, which was fun). With Legendary Shields, I had already done the illustration for the shields prior to any writing, so I came up with each  shield’s magical abilities first, based on the look of the art and then wrote each Legendary Shield’shistory last so that it fit the art and the abilities.
In the case of Legendary Armor, it was more or less the opposite approach. There were no pre-existing illustrations to work with, which meant I pretty much had free reign! The one criteria I did have was that there had to be a wide array of armor types (one wooded armor, one chain, one plate, one silken ceremonial, etc.)
So I brainstormed the basic concepts/ideas for each of the 15 armor types I had settled on and then wrote art orders for each one. For me, the interesting thing about this step was that these art orders were each literally only a sentence or two about each piece of armor (a suite of scale armor with aquatic and undersea designs; wooden armor with a stylized treant carved into the wooden breastplate ... etc)When I saw the final art that eventually came back, I was blown away! The art was just awesome – it actually made me even more excited to write the histories and abilities for the armor!
From that point, I wrote the histories for each suite of Legendary Armor and then created the magical and other unique abilities based on those histories. The entire process was very organic and I think the final results (hopefully) reflect that.
I’m really happy with how this one turned out! I think players and GM’s alike will find plenty to like within Legendary VI: Legendary Armor’s digital pages.
- Marc Radle
Out Now: Rpgnow, Paizo, Gumroad

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