Shortpack Adventures (Session 1)

This week my wife started a campaign for me to play in. She opted for using the stand alone Pathfinder modules and the first one used was The Godsmouth Heresy by  Rob McCreary. 

Characters in this Session

  • Piria Coln - a female halfling trained as a flowing monk.
  • Onana Justcause - a female halfling paladin sacred shield with an oath against undead.
  • Boram Icebringer - a male halfing sorcerer with the elemental bloodline of water.
  • Hakon Truthbringer - a male halfling inquisitor with a hatred of aberrations.
While in the city of Kaer Maga the shortpack adventurers responded to a request for help from the clerics of Pharasma. They were hired to investigate the ossuary of Pharasma to discovery why some of bodies recently interned there have gone missing and to rid the site of other vermin. 

Lamia stock art by Gary Dupuis.
Available at Rpgnow from Purple Duck Games.
The ossuary has a number of sealed doors that can only be opened with the chime of opening provided to us by Valanthe. We were confronted with three sealed doors initially. To the right we encountered a strange feather statue and a sealed door with a depression in it. We could not open it so we went back to the left. In this passage Piria claimed a feather icon off a strange lamia that had its face replaced by a seven-pointed star and was wielding a whip and a peacock feather. 

There were many different monsters that we encountered in the crypts here including a pair of tengu youths who had tunnelled into the crypt to steal treasures, a bloated ungol dust-filled zombie and a weird slutty aberration thing that knocked our inquisitor. The halfling adventurers were fairing pretty well until we came to a room with a suit of armor chained to a skeletal figure. The inquisitor examined the body and saw no obvious risk. Thinking the armor could be animate, he pulled the chain which released a swarm of flesh-eating cockroaches. The party fell back but their little legs were no match for the onslaught of the roaches. If it weren't for the magic of Boram, all the party could have been lost. Even with magic at their disposal, Hakon's bones were picked clean. 

They will need to be more cautious now because there is no easy way out of the ossuary and they are short an adventurer.

XP earned: 650 each
Enemies encountered: darkmantle, tengu, sultry deformed aberration thing, flesh-eating cockroach swarm, bloated zombie
NPCs met: Valanthe Nerissa, Iszard and Fiszard (tengu youths)
Treasure found: two potions, archiac jewellery, masterwork banded mail, masterwork bastard sword, scroll of remove paralysis, feather icon
Characters lost: Hakon Truthbringer (killed by flesh-eating cockroaches)


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