Monsters Unleashed V.3

The Kahrn by Micahel Scotta
Monsters Unleashed V.3 should be released this week. This issue features monsters chosen by Sam Hing, Steve Russell and Paul Woods.

The monsters for this issue include:

Asherake - a monstrous humanoid race consumed with the need for conquest.
Kahrn - a bizarre magical beast that can only reproduce by engaging in deadly combat with other sentient creatures.
Sapphire Golem - an intelligent golem that acts as a body guard or advisor within the royal courts. If I was using him in the Jade Regent path I would simply rename him to a Jade Golem.
Ogrillon - the bastard offspring of ogre and orc pairings. They are designed to be playable at 1st level.
Reaper Falcon - a extremely dangerous animal companion that can streak through the battlefield leaving a trail of bleeding foes.

I've just started finalizing Monsters Unleashed V.4. I should be able to put an art order in on it by the middle of the month.


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