Saturday, 5 November 2011

Early sales data...

Purple Mountains - Level One was released late October 31st. It has been on sale for about four days now.  Sales have been uneven. In that time we have 15 sales at Rpgnow and 1 at Paizo. Which is a huge and costly discrepancy.

The difficult thing for me is what does that discrepancy mean?
1) Do Paizo customers have enough modules with the Adventure Paths and Pathfinder Modules that they are not looking for a megadungeon?
2) Do Rpgnow customers not have enough module choices for Pathfinder as Paizo customers seem to?
3) Are Rpgnow customers more aware of products because of the front page that showed Purple Mountain for two days? Paizo has a store blog but not a product roll like that for new uploads.
4) Do Paizo customer's hate the Purple covers?
5) Do Paizo customers even know that Purple Mountain exists? At Rpgnow we have the ability to email our customers directly and at Paizo we do not.
6) Are we just significantly better known for our work at Rpgnow than we are at Paizo.

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