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People for the Ethical Treatment of 'Monsters'  (PETM)

PETM focuses its attention on many areas where so called 'monsters' suffer the most intensely at the hands of the sentient species of this land.  Our goals are:
- to free the minions/denizens of the many villains that are used as human shields and fodder in battle;
- to stop the unfair and cruel imprisonment of all magical familiars;
- to put an end to the sacrifice of countless beings to uncaring and capricious Gods;
- and to once and for all end the outright slaughter of free/wild monsters in their natural habitats(dungeon/Lairs) by so called 'Heroes'
PETM works through public education leaflets, protest campaigns at local dungeons/lairs, animal rescue from hidden villain lairs and special events like hot dog sales and other non-meat events.
People who support monster rights believe that monsters deserve consideration of their best interests regardless of whether they have claws or teeth, spray poison in your eyes or encase you in gelatinous proteins for digestion.

What is the difference between 'monster rights' and 'monster welfare'?
Monster welfare advocates accept that monsters have interests but allow those interests to be traded away  as long as the sentient species benefits justify the sacrifice, ie protection of the treasure, fodder in the war between good and evil or simply in the dungeon room you are trying to get through.  Supporters of monsters rights believe that monsters, like all races of this land, have interests that cannot be sacrificed or traded away to benefit others.

What about plants?
Many believe that vegetative plants that inhabit our dungeons and underworlds cannot feel pain, but if an organism can scream, run away or spray poisonous pollen at you they must also have rights as monsters.

Monsters don't reason, don't understand rights and don't respect our rights, so why should we apply our ideas of morality to them?
A monster's ability to understand and adhere to our rules is irrelevant.  Monsters cannot always choose to change their behaviours - Gelatinous Cubes know only digestion, Otyugh's like poop, Owlbears don't know why they are part Owl and part Bear - the sentient beings of our land have the intelligence and ability to choose to not hurt those at greatest risk.

It's impossible to avoid killing monsters when spelunking a long forgotten dungeon; if you're still causing monster suffering in doing traditional hero work, what's the point?
Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion, but freedom of thought is not the same thing as freedom of action.  You are free to believe that monsters are there to be killed simple to gain experience points, clear your path to the next treasure or destroyed simply because they are trying to kill you - however we do not have the right to actually do such things except that you may be much more heavily armed than they are.
PETM argues that the 'hero' occupational group is outdated and should be abolished.  Society must progress beyond random bands of heavily armed persons laying waste to monsters.  By setting up structured societies of government by the people and removing the tyrants and warlords society will progress into a new age.

What about the Monster Liberation Front (MLF) and the damage they reportly cause?
Sentient species throughout history have felt the need to break the law to fight injustice.  The MLF is the name adopted by those survivors  who act illegally on behalf of monster rights to save lives while endangering their own.  MLF members take the next step and take up arms to defend those who can already defend themselves or who are being overwhelmed  by overbearing heroes whether they be Faye, aberration,  magical beast or dragon.

Most monsters used in dungeons or by villainous overlords were bred for that purpose, so what's wrong with using them?
Being bred for a certain purpose does not preclude the ability of a monster to feel pain and fear.  If you prick an aberration does he not bleed?

Monsters and lower animals in the service of good magical users don't suffer that much because they've never known anything else, right?
Wrong!  Monsters who have been domesticated for the servitude of masters as familiars, or 'animal companions',  are prevented from acting on their basic instinctual behaviours which causes tremendous suffering. Confined monsters suffer from intense boredom - some so severely that it can lead to mutilation of self or others.

If monster exploitation were wrong, wouldn't it be illegal?
Lawfulness is no guarantee of morality, just ask the victims of Hobgoblin tribes! 

Monsters are not as intelligent or as advanced as sentient species, so why can't we use them as we wish?
Superior intelligence does not entitle one species to abuse another species.  Elves do not have the right to subjugate the less intelligent Dwarves and Humans.  Rather, we - I mean they, work with the lesser species to make a better land or ignore them outright to preserve their cultural purity.

Get involved:
Monsters depend on us for our compassion, our voice and our action.  Monsters may someday be able to organize a rebellion or demand better treatment, but until then we are here to speak up for them. 

Keep in touch by watching for our flyers and promotional materials on your community bill boards

Free/steal familiars wherever you find them and set them free in the wild.

Take time to come out and march, protest wherever heroes are slaughtering monsters, don't be afraid to laydown your life for a monster.

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