Saturday, 10 September 2011

Legendary Shields

Legendary Shields by Marc Radle is now on sale. We have this product over on the Paizo site and Rpgnow. We also have a review/recommendation from Liz over at the Nearly Enough Dice podcast.

So how are sales of this one going?

Frankly they are a bit sluggish or more sluggish then I hoped. Out of the two vendors we have had far more movement on the Rpgnow site than Paizo (4 to 1 in terms of sales). I think part of this is the difficulty in trying to communicate with our customers at the Paizo site.

Still it is early so there is no need to panic and I'm happy that Legendary V: Exotics/Unusual Weapons. Is already being written.

So to further spread the word about Legendary Shields here is the ToC.

Table of Contents
Black Raven
Blood Moon
Cockatrice Heart
Crusader’s Shield
Flame’s Death
Golden Griffon
Grinning Skull
Scorpion Sting
Soveriegn’s Shield
Trickster’s Shield
Wolf’s Howl

Vote for a shield and I'll post its info here.

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