Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Work of Rakshasa

Vetula by Jennifer Taylor

When a rakshasa tortures and kills a sentient humanoid, the dead creature’s spirit sometimes reanimates as a vetala, a vampire-like being bent on the destruction of life. After a grisly and painful death, the vetala’s spirit continues on, spurred by anger at its undeserved fate.

The vetala can not stand direct sunlight. During the day it haunts underground tombs and catacombs to wait for the night. However, a vetala possessing the body of a dead humanoid can move about in daylight while inhabiting the corpse. These vetala are often thought to be zombies, but an observant person can recognize their true nature if they notice the creature’s backwards hands.

Unlike ghosts a vetala is not bound to a specific site, though the creature does tend to haunt a area until it runs out of victims.
(Legendary Races: Rakshasa coming soon...).

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