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Legendary Races: Rakshasa
Stefen turned in revisions to Legendary Races: Rakshasa today. We need some art to come in and then it is off to layout for this product. I'm expecting it to be a bit bigger than the other two Legendary Races.
- Needs: Art, Layout, Double Checks, Triple Checks

Monsters Unleashed: Volume 2 & 3
Text is done for these. I'm waiting on the art from Michael Scotta. I'm very pleased to have him on this project and am willing to wait for what he comes up with.
- Needs: Art, Layout, Double Checks, Triple Checks

Purple Mountain - Level 1
I'm 60% done writing the encounters for level one of the Purple Mountain. I am hopeful that this will be released before the end of August. The dungeon map is done by Kristian Richards of Crooked Staff Publishing. How much art do I need within the module. I'm expecting it to be about 20-30 pages.
- Immediate needs - Finish writing

Legendary Armor and Shields - in the hands of a freelancer.
Legendary Weapons III - in the hands of a freelancer.
Otyughnomicon - on hold until I break even on otyughnomicon #2

I'm not a 100% sure what Stefen's next project is. He mentioned something about writing level 7 of Purple Mountain but I'm not certain if he was serious or not. Perhaps he is outline Horrors of the GOW 2 for October release.

Sale Reminder: Tomorrow is the last day of our "Not Going to Gen Con" 50% off sale although by this point it is more of a "Didn't Get To Go To Gen Con" 50% off sale but you get the idea.

Wanted: I want to include five or six pregenerated 1st level characters for Purple Mountain. Each character should use one of the Paizo classes (RPG through Ultimate Combat) but can use OGC from other sources as long as you can provide me with the S15 information and OGC declarations.

The character must be full-stated and contain a short paragraph of background for the characters. They also need to include one new trait that we can publish in the Purple Mountain.

Inclusion in the Purple Mountain release, free copies of all the Purple Mountain levels that we publish and $10 additional dollars worth of Purple Duck Products of your choosing.

Deadline: August 22nd, 2010
Email Entries to: with the subject line "Purple Mountain Contest"

- Please reshare.


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