In the Works...

Today I spent some time adding more material to the Grand OGL Wiki. When I finished that I wrote up 15 specific magical armors and sent them over to Headless Hydra Games for publication. I have contributed to their 15 Specific Weapons lines so it seem like a natural fit to send them Axel's way instead of publishing them myself.

Scorpion Knight
Stefen is going through the process of proofing and tearing apart Purple Mountain - Level 1 this week. Which is good because I'm hoping that it could be out very early September. This weekend, my group is getting together for a playtest of the dungeon to check its in and outs. It looks like it will be a full group of five players, so I will not need to run a DNPC which is great because I think that interferes with playtesting.

Stefen was working on some archetypes for the second issue of Horrors of the GOW which should come out in October. JL Coburn has come on board to write more of the Lands of the GOW 1-pagers which is excellent because if anything the first four should have taught us that I should not be in charge of writing setting material.

It has been a very productive summer for me. Monday, I start back at my day job but I plan to keep doing this blog and writing Purple Duck Games stuff on a regular basis because I enjoy it so much. Okay, I'm going back to the meditative practice of adding more OGC to the Grand OGL Wiki.


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