Evil Thought #417

Legendary Races: Rakshasa is now out for sale. Currently it is available at Rpgnow and hopefully it will get unstuck from the pipe at Paizo.

It looks like Monsters Unleashed V.2 could be out before the weekend. This issue will have clay warriors, quickgrass, knollman, corpse orgies and Fenris Wolf.

For my evil thought of the day, I draw your attention to the pugwampi to the right. So my idea, certain to make it into level 2 or 3 of Purple Mountain is for a new magic item called a pugwampi's foot.

Similar to a rabbit's foot except it exudes an aura of unluck. So that 10 ft. wide pit filled with spikes, it doesn't look that bad to jump over. <Player attempts> oh, sorry, you need to roll that check twice and take the lower roll.



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