Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Back to Work...

Purple Duck Goings On...

- Legendary Shields is being edited.
- Purple Mountain - Level 1 is going through playtesting.
- JL Coburn has sent over the first of the new Lands of the GOW entries.
- Michael Scotta has art orders for Purple Mountain, The Rook and Monsters Unleashed V.3
- Stefen and Axel are working on Horrors of the GOW - Part 2
- David is working on Legendary Weapons: Unusual and Exotic
- Tom is working on the Rook and a Skill Project.

I'm back to work at my day job so for a little while, until I get into the rhythm of work, it will be primarily my job to co-ordinate between people, get things ordered that need ordering, paying freelancers and doing layout.

This weekend, I plan to do some writing. It might be some scribbling on Purple Mountain - Level 2 or Otyughnomicon 3 or Horrors of the GOW - Part 2 or I might even dig up 4saken. Plus I need to begin layout on that secret thing I'm not telling Stefen about until it is awesome and ready to go.

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