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The Purple Mountains - Megadungeon

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The Purple Mountain – Megadungeon: Level 1
The primary denizens of the first level of the Purple Mountain as a group of demon worshipping humanoids. The only problem is that I’m not sure which race I should choose for the main opponents. There are many options that each have the own strengths and weaknesses.

Core Races
Out of the core races the most logical one to choose would be humans because their comparatively shorter lifespans may make the idea of demonic pacts and the power that entails intriguing to them. The overall problem with that is they are a very typical choice. Dwarves are off my list because I’ll likely to use duergar or derro later in the dungeon and I want to spread the monsters around a bit. Out of the core races the most attractive to use would be halflings or gnomes because they are just so unlikely of a choice.

Expanded Races
Aasimar - I have to admit a group of demon worshipping half-celestials is strangely appealing.
Drow – I’m currently running the Second Darkness adventure path and I am swamped by drow and elves in my home campaign so I don’t really want to use drow for this adventure unless we have a branch that leads to the darklands.
Goblins/hobgoblins - Goblins are known demon worshippers, they love to kill and eat. Have we had too many goblins lately?
Kobolds - Kobolds seem to be in every low level campaign now. They would work as demon worshippers and then we could have a few slurks kicking around too. There may be potential here if they haven’t been overdone.
Lizardfolk - Probably a bit to powerful for the first level of the dungeon, though I could rescale them like the lizardfolk in Monstrous Races 2.
Merfolk, other Aquatics - I’m sure there will be an aquatic floor in the dungeon, I just expect it to be somewhere around level 5 or 6. So they are off my list for now.
Orcs - Just don’t have a niche any more. They are getting closer and closer to a default race every year.
Tengu - Thematically incongruent.
Tiefling - Not really attractive for reasons opposite to the aasimar.
Vegepygmy - I have to admit a love for vegepygmies, not as strong as my devotion to otyughs but still strong.

Expanded Races II
Dhampir - Dhampirs I would think of a more of an urban race. They could be a clan of them worshipping demons in the mountains but it feels a bit off.
Grindylow, Locathah - see aquatics above
The Planars – fetchling, ifrit, oread, sylph, undine - I have nothing against the planar-kin as a whole but I think I might reserve them for level that touch upon their associated planes. If I did chose a planar-kin it would likely be fetchling (shadow), oread (earth) or sylph (air).

Well, I’m clearly no closer to a conclusion. What do you think?

Who should the demon worshippers on level one of the Purple Mountain be?

Did I miss any other options?

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