Saturday, 23 July 2011

Let's talk about Encounters.

Purple Duck Games has now created four encounter products.

Encounter Pages
Forgotten Encounters: Forests
Forgotten Encounters: Underground
Forgotten Encounters: Urban

I'm not 100% what to make of these products. The first three sold over 50 copies fairly quickly, yet the most recent Forgotten Encounters: Urban has not broken 20. Which is a drop in at least 66% of its projected sales. So now the question I have is:

1) Do people not like urban encounters?
2) Are people tired of encounter in general?

Its a tough question and often one that definitely affects Purple Duck Games planning.

Let's look at the logistics of Forgotten Encounters: Urban. This product has five urban encounters designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. All of the Forgotten Encounters series use monster from the Forgotten Foes bestiary that Stefen and I wrote for Tricky Owlbear Publishing.

We charge $2.25 for Forgotten Encounters products which means under the current percentages with our vendors we make $1.57 or basically 30 cents an encounter. The word count on a Forgotten Encounter is about 7,771.

So let's talk costs:
- If Stefen and I made 1 cent a word on our writing the base writing cost for this would be $77.71.
- Additionally, we have a number of token art and art for a new legendary weapon worth a total of $45.00.

So a cost basis of $122.71. On pure cost recovery we would need to sell 78 of Forgotten Encounters: Urban.

So currently it has earned for Stefen and I: - $94.45

That is really making it hard for me to work on Forgotten Encounters: Plains (Inphidians, pyrolisks, chaosiic, kamadan, and one other). It is definitely something to chew on.

I'm going to go layout The Collected Cleric Spell Lists now.

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