July Update...

June has slipped past me it seems with very few updates to my blog here. A number of things have been happening since I last posted though so this will be a bit of a catch-up blog.

Legendary Races: Medusa by Stefen Styrsky
Legendary Races: Medusa 
Written by Stefen Styrsky this is the second release in Legendary Races line.

Legendary Races: Medusa explores the physiology, habitat and society of this legendary race.  Additionally this second volume of the Legendary Races series by Stefen Styrsky includes:
  • New alchemical discoveries unique to the medusa race
  • An eight level medusa racial class
  • Diffraction goggles to control the medusa adventurer's gaze
  • Half-medusa racial traits for the offspring of medusa and their humanoid consorts (complete with alternate racial traits and favored class options)
  • Sample medusa and half-medusa npcs using the new racial rules
  • A medusa bloodline for sorcerer characters
  • Variant snake hair rules for the standard medusa
  • Finally a snake-bodied template and three medusa-related creatures. The blood summoner medusa, more mythical gorgon and the medusa husk.
Tokens are included for all the creatures presented in this supplement.

The next release in this line should focus on Rakshasa.

If you want to pick up Legendary Races: Medusa you can get it here or as part of the Legendary Races: Cyclops and Medusa bundle here

I'll continue to post updates on other releases and products in two days.


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