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Evolved Kobold

Some older 3X content I had developed...

Thousands of kobolds have met their fate at the end of a “hero’s” longsword. Kobolds are very adaptable being know to acclimatize to aquatic, arctic, desert, jungle or elemental earth. Heck, it is even said that some have grown wings or breath fire like their draconic gods. The strangest of all kobold variants is the man-sized evolved kobolds. They are tall, reptilian creatures with powerful, relational minds but frail forms. The exact cause of these kobold’s evolution is not precisely known, some suggest it is the work of magic, some say it is a transformative event like that experience by the Elan, while others suggest it was the result of some obscure ritual. Regardless of the cause, since the transformation the evolved kobolds have bred true and their numbers are growing.

Personality: Evolved kobolds are stoic creatures who control the stronger emotions that so defined their less-evolved state. They particularly work to curb their aggressive and xenophobic tendencies. Evolved kobolds view all things are interrelated parts of a cosmic puzzle that is everchanging. They tend to favor larger communities where they can observe other races more easily.

Physical Description: Most evolved kobolds are tall and thin, with a long and narrow head like that of a reptile. Small rusty-brown scales cover evolved kobold’s flesh. Their fingers grow long, and their limbs tend toward the spindly. They have snakelike tails that serve only as aids to balance

Relations: Most evolved kobolds live in cities. They enjoy the company of other species even if they rarely show that they enjoy the company of others. They feel the only way to truly understand the complexities of existence is to experience as many viewpoints as possible on each issue.

Alignment: Evolved kobolds are usually lawful due their stoicism, but as every individual has his own role in the tapestry of reality so to can evolved kobolds be of any alignment.

Religion:Evolved kobolds worship the same gods that dragons worship. Sometimes they will even worship a particularly power living dragon. Their choice of draconic deity is often determined by their alignment and outlook on reality.

Language: Evolved kobolds speak Common and Draconic. Draconic being their first language and Common always spoken with a silibant accent.

Names: Evolved kobolds do not have racial names but instead tend to adopt the naming style of the other species they live among. It is not uncommon to find an evolved kobold name Arthur Williams, Dulgrim Hammerfist, or Whisper Silverleaf. Not all races are as accepting of their practice.

Adventures: Evolved kobolds adventure for the purpose of gaining more knowledge. They do not have any particular interest in risking their own lives but they accept that each has a part to play in the world. They often follow the path of the wizard or psion (if they are wild talents).

Evolved Kobold Racial Traits

Abilities: Evolved kobolds are very intelligent, having had their intellect boosted in their rapid transformation. They have a +2 Intelligence bonus but a -2 Strength bonus do to the havoc played on their physiology from the transformation.
Medium: As medium creatures, evolved kobolds have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Speed: An evolved kobolds base land speed is 30 ft.
Darkvision (Ex): Evolved kobolds can see in the dark at a range of 60 ft.
Pattern Analysts (Ex): Evolved kobolds add a +2 racial bonus to Decipher Script, Forgery and Spellcraft or Psicraft checks.
Reptilian Balance (Ex): Evolved kobolds add a +2 racial bonus to Balance checks due to their tail.
Scaly Hide (Ex): Evolved kobolds have a +1 natural armor bonus and the reptillian subtype.
Languages: Common and Draconic; Bonus: Any
Favored Class: Psion or Wizard

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