Are All Your Cards on the Table?

Diversion - The Gambler (Archetype)
Our newest Purple Duck Games Diversion was released yesterday in both the free and tip jar variety. This release by Stefen Styrsky and Mark Gedak contains:

- A new Bard archetype known as the Gambler
- A Knowledge (games) skill for addition to the knowledge skill list (if your game allows it).
- An 8th level, dhamphir bard gambler
- Five spells from additional sources
- Two feats rescued from the 3X srd and updated to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game ruleset.

Please download the free copy and see if it can add something to your game. The odds are that it can.

Otyughnomicon #2 is currently in final edits with Stefen. I have an adventure outline to complete. Take care.


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