Thursday, 28 April 2011

Caverns of Anarchy (Room A6)

A6.  The Haunted Well
[box] The swollen wooden door that exists the slurk pond room opens into a poorly illuminated rough stone chamber. In the center of the room is a makeshift well. The stones that mark the perimeter of the well seem to be an odd jumble of fieldstones precariously balanced for effect. Beside the well are a couple of poorly constructed buckets and ropes to lower them down. [/box]

For many years this location served at the kobold tribe’s primary source of water. However that ended two months ago when Jukrez the White killed a rival acolyte by cutting his throat and dumping his body down the well. Ever since then a haunt has infested this area, forcing any who come near the well to relive Jukrez’s betrayal.

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