In the Works...

There are always a lot of things on the go at the Purple Duck offices. Currently the following projects are at some stage of development.

Monster Update Subscription (Mark/Stefen)
Forgotten Encounters: Urban (Stefen)
Forgotten Encounters: Plains (Mark)
Monstrous Races 2 (Mark/Stefen)
Drow NPC Guide (Mark)
Legendary Weapons 3 (Mark/Stefen)
Legendary Races: Medusa (Stefen)
Caves of Anarchy (Mark)
Other (Stefen) - I know he has one or two other things that I have no idea about yet.

I am big on working on multiple projects as once. It helps me keep fresh and stops me from getting writer's block. I think Stefen prefers to focus on only one or two.


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