Caverns of Anarchy (Room A4)

A4. The Slurk Pond [EL 2; 600 XP]
[box] The sound of trickling water echoes through this chamber. Illuminated by crude, glowing torches the center of this chamber is a massive pool of dark water. Thin grooves along the edge of the pool allow water to spill downward while new water bubbles up in the center. A dark shape move about the pool. [/box]

This chamber is the home of Mekmep’s mount and guardian, a slurk. This foul-smelling amphibian has been known to gobble up many careless members of Mekmep’s tribe who ventured to close to the pool.  The slurk regularly wallows on the edges of the pool making the sides difficult terrain, due to the humidity of the room, this slime never dries out. The slurk will attack any non-kobolds attempting to to reach A7 or A6. The slurk does not collect treasure but at the bottom of his pool likes the remains of a halfling wizard who did not expect the savagery of the slurk’s attack. Trapped within the corpse’s backpack is a battle mage’s wand +1 and next to it a masterwork dagger. 


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