Fehr's Ethnology

The Ith'n Ya'roo by Gary Dupuis.
Available as stock art.

Fehr's Ethnology: The Ith'n Ya'roo is the first of (hopefully) a series of racial and ecological treatments of new and strange player character races for use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying system.  The Ith'n ya'roo are a race of beings from the arctic wastes of the far north, whose limited resources have not kept them from having a thriving culture.  They use the bones of their prey and their own spirituality to survive in a harsh land.  This and each ethnology gives game statistics, traits, new feats, and even alternative racial traits to create a new and different type of player character race, or even NPCs and adversaries  in your campaign.  Your purchase comes with all of the information on how the Ith'n ya'roo function in their world, and their reasons for joining into the fantasy world at large!  A detailed picture of a member of their race allows your imagination to run wild with the fascinating race that is the Ith'n ya'roo. 

The second issue, Fehr's Ethnology: Hhundi which chronicles the underground race known as the fearsome stalker is also now out.

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