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Happy Holidays!

I hope all of you have an out of this world Holiday

X-Files Santa autopsy?

Out Now!

Just in time for the Christmas season we have managed to publish three new product for your consumption or for the gamer on your list.

Ploys and Plots offers ways to spice up games with cinematic flair. Use your skills in new ways and discover new feats that enable you to use clever tricks that grant major advantages, memorable schemes based on reading foes’ movements like a book, and words that can strike at an opponent’s very core. The feats and new skill uses contained in this collection are designed to reward players for roleplaying, for intelligent tactics and cooperation, for making good use of social and deceptive skills, and for playing characters with high mental ability scores even without casting spells.
A skill and feat collection for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system
------------------------------------------------------------------------- Magic is power and magic items are the physical distillation of that power.  No wonder so many people are seeking to gather and claim…

Not the end of the world.... BUT....

I woke up this morning and the world is still here but the forum and shopping cart databases seemed to have come to an Apocalypse of their own :)

We are working on getting that fixed.

Unboxing of the beast

This is a HUGE kit, the box is 12"X10"X10"!

You can see by the use of stacking trays, foam and a vacuum formed insert, we have taken great care to protect your investment.


The screws are used on ball joints and other components that need tension to work properly.
You can quite literally leave this kit poseable for months or years of play if you choose, the tension created by the ball joints is more than enough to have the kit retain its pose. At any point a drop or two of model cement will lock everything into a fixed pose, but until you decide exactly what pose you would like… you are free to play.

Watching the legs and torso move with working hydraulics is a pretty fun experience ;)

Stage 1 ship date

As of today we estimate stage one will arrive in the WGF Utah warehouse the last week of January.

I will have more pics to post as they come in from WGF China.

Here are a few shots of Ada, a Kickstarter special mini and the first of the female Stormtroopers to see plastic.


Some shots of the plastic and the current release schedule.

I am currently elbow deep in prepping stage three models for the Kickstarter, I must apologize for not being on top of my emails, as this aspect takes me away from the day to day operations.
I thought it would be best to give an expected release date here so that you have some frame of reference when these kits will be available for general purchase. The Kickstarter backers are my main priority but all the kits will hit the supply chain shortly after the backer’s items have been shipped.
I do not have retail pricing yet, and will likely not have them until each phase is ready to head out the door.
Stage 1 release: February 28mm scale Leviathan Crusader

28mm scale left hand Vulkan
10 man rifle squad
20 man Stormtrooper set
Stormtrooper accessory set
Eisenkern support weapons set

Stage 2 release: March
28mm scale Leviathan Mortis

28mm scale Leviathan weapons
·HEL Cannon
·Nova Cannon
·Ripper Saw
·Mauler claw (left and right)
15mm scale Crusader
15mm scale Mortis
15mm scale Leviathan Weapon…

New Vendors

I just thought I would take a moment to announce that we are now live at the d20pfsrd shop as well as Paizo, Rpgnow and Gumroad.

Our products can be found here:

Shopping at the d20pfsrd store helps keep their site up and running as well as allowing us to earn a larger cut of our own retail price.

Things at the printers:
- Purple Mountain III
- Items of Power and Ambition

Other Things in the Works:
- Purple Mountain IV, V, VI
- Fehr's Ethnology - Qatar
- Plots and Ploys
- Lands of Porphyra
- Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy
- Heroes of the Siwathi Desert
- More DCC

High-Level Storytelling Design

I recently started to play the demo for the upcoming adventure game Primordia. I really like the art-style, the setting, themes and the characters (perhaps with the exception of a somewhat annoying companion). Despite this I am finding myself not being that engaged when playing it. The main reason for this is that the game is in a very traditional point-and-click form, which means that it is mainly all about solving puzzles. Despite some good design and an in-game hint system, its gameplay back-bone is holding it back.
Note: This does not mean that Primordia is bad game though, more on this in the end notes.

At the same time we have currently been in the middle of going over some design thinking in our upcoming Super Secret Project. We have been trying to evolve the type of high level design we have used for our previous games and in that process encountered a few problems and come to a few intriguing insights.

The problems I had with Primordia and the issues we have had with…

New Developments in the Purple Duck Offices...

Not that there really are offices but still this is what has been happening:

Legendary Classes: Medium is out to playtesters right now. We should be getting some feedback, next week or the week after.Perry is hard at work developing the Lands of Porphyra and harmonizing all the work that was put in by our authors.Joshua just turned in Heroes of the Siwathi Desert today and I've handed it off to Perry to edit.I'm currently doing layout on a magic item book by Sean Holland that I am calling "The Armory" but that name is just a place holder for now.Art is being worked on by Gary, Carlos, Tamas, and Ryan for a variety of projects. Monsters Unleashed/Monsters of Porphyra will be released next year. The art is still coming in for it and there is writing that needs to be done on it when I am not doing layout. We have had a few setbacks on some of the Purple Mountains but Purple Mountain III is out to subscribers right now and should be on sale to the general public in PDF an…

Lands of Porphyra - The Northlands

THE NORTHLANDS “I done all four a’ the Red King’s gulags, and it never hurt me none.  Well, except maybe the fingers…” – ‘Thumbs’ Johansson, thief for hire
Capital:  The Red Tower Settlements:  The Breakers (3,700), The Deeps (4,050), Irontown (5,500), The Red Tower (850), Salttown (2,800) The Gulags (100-300 each) Ruler: The Red King Government:Dictatorship Races:Dragonbloods, Half-orcs, Half-ogres, Humans, other slave races Faiths:  Ferrakus, Ithreia, Myketa Resources: Basalt, dried fish, iron, marble, salt, silver, timber, zinc Languages: Common, Giant
Border Conditions: Porphyrite borders with the Jheriak Continuance, and the Wyrm’s Yard, which is technically part of The Northlands.  The central North Polar Region is rarely sought, and thought to be lifeless.
HISTORY The Northlands have always been a harsh and unforgiving place.  The NewGod War did not change that in any positive way.  The driving away of the Elemental Tyrants may have only destabilized what passed for civilization there, lea…

Happy Birthday Hidden in Plain Sight!

Hidden in Plain Sight has been out on the market for a full year now.  The free trial has been downloaded 9162 times, and there have been 7248 purchases.  The purchase-to-trial ratio is 79.11%.

Here's that weird sales graph again, for the official full year numbers.  Click to embiggen.

Needless to say, the sales of HIPS, and the feedback that I've received, has far exceeded my expectations.  In fact, I admit that it's made it a little more difficult for me to get motivated to start a new project.

Guess what landed on my doorstep!

Here is a look at some of the sprues and an assembled trooper. It’s a bit dark out so I needed to use my desk magnifier lamp to get some shots. I will try to get some larger clearer images when I can get some decent lighting.
I am quite frankly amazed at the level of crisp detail they were able to reproduce while dealing with the direction of pull from the mold halves. WGF did an amazing job…. My hat is off to them.

A few spru shots before I tore into them ;)